Zahid is still missing: Bani Baloch

To the
beautiful souls
Of my land,
Who suddenly  plunged
into darkness
Out there in torture cells

To the missing souls
Out there who are dropping
from exhaustion
Or being knocked to the ground

To the heroes
Who conquered death
Like an engulfed flame.

To the brave smile “Zahid Baloch”
Who is a beginning of a new dawn
In the dark brutalities of torture cells.

Welcome to a land, Known Balochistan,where no one is spared, The sick, the elderly, childern,infants, and pregnant women, all are marched to their death or enforced to live miserable lives in the devestating torture cells.

Terrible things are happening in over all region of Balochistan. At any time of night and day, raids are being attempted,  helpless people are being dragged out of their homes, houses are robbed, families are torn apart. Men women and childern are seperated. Childern come home from school to find that their Father is disappeared and their family is now shattered.

Every one is scared in Balochistan, No one knows who will be the next victim. Every night and day hundreds of forces enters in the city, seize the area and start search operation. Hundreds of Fighting jets are ready for air shelling , air strikes and sowing their bombs on Baloch Soil.

Every hour hundreds, or may be even more people are being disappeared or killed. No one can keep out of the conflict, the Entire Balochistan is at war.

Away from the turmoil, I get frightened myself when I think of people who are now at the mercy of the cruellest monsters ever to stalk the Earth, and all because they are Baloch?
Well, this is so gruesome and dreadful, that I can’t get them out of my head. My head begins to reel since last 4 years, when March comes but he doesn’t.

Zahid Baloch, former chairman of Baloch Students Organization (BSO Azad) he was  abducted on 18 March 2014,  uptil now his wereabouts are unknown. The period of prolong four years is not easy for any family. But Zar Jan wife of Zahid Baloch along with her kids are passing their lives with a gnawing ache inside their heart in the most horrendous time of their lives in the absence of Zahid Baloch.

Its Harrowing,
And Extremely Emotional,
There are many moments
I had to take deep breaths

Whilst imagining horrors,
Air  is often fill in tensions,
Air blow fast and fast,
Making the tree leaves dance,
With each tune of dancing leaves,
Air Mourns thousand of times,
For the beginning of a new dawn (Zahid Baloch)

Today, Zahid is not among us, but I know, he is spreading his light to encounter the dusk in torture cells..