Zahid Baloch’s prolonged enforced disappearance is a serious violation of human rights: BSO Azad


Zahid Baloch’s prolonged enforced disappearance is a serious violation of human rights: BSO Azad

7 March 2019

Central Spokesperson Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO-A) termed the prolonged enforced disappearance of Zahid Baloch, former chairman of origination, as a serious violation of human rights and added that the state is using its whole machinery at a large scale for suppressing the peaceful political struggle in entire Balochistan.  

The enforced disappearances of peaceful political leaders and activists including their extrajudicial killing prove that the state is very afraid of the Baloch national struggle, and in reaction it is targeting the Baloch students including people from all walks of life in order to crush the peaceful political struggle with power.  It is very clear that the movements can’t be suppressed with power but they gain further energy and continue their journey towards their destination. 

The enforced disappearance of Zahid Baloch completed its long duration of five years, but he has not been surfaced so for now. Neither he has been presented before any court nor has his family nor the organization been informed about his healthiness and life which is an extreme level of violation of human rights.   

Spokesperson further said that Chairman Zahid Baloch was the supporter of peaceful struggle who educated the youth against the Baloch national slavery and had always taught the Baloch students to follow the peaceful political struggle, but the state, which is afraid of the peaceful struggle, had enforcedly disappeared Zahid Baloch from Quetta in presence of the former chairperson of organization, Karima Baloch, and other office holders in 18 March 2014. By today, we have no clue of his life.

The organization held organized protests against the enforced disappearance of Zahid Baloch locally and internationally. It was struggled to awaken the consciousness of the international community through rallies, demonstrations and press conferences. Latif Johar Baloch, the former Central Committee Member of organization, was set on till-death hunger strike and large scale protests were staged with the help of other pro-freedom organizations, but no result could be achieved by today which is a question mark on the credibility of the human rights organizations.

The ban on BSO Azad like peaceful student organizations and state crackdown on the student leaders and activists is a clear proof of ban over the student politics in entire Balochistan. The mysterious silence of the international institutions over this worst situation has become an enigma and the solution to this problem is very necessary for the survival of humanity and uprooting of the terrorism.  

Spokesperson said that the human rights organizations should adopt a clear stance against the enforced disappearances in Balochistan, put pressure on state and play their role for the safe recovery of the Baloch political prisoners, so that the restoration of human rights would become possible in Balochistan.    

While the organization will hold awareness campaigns in London and Germany over the completion of fifth year of Zahid Baloch’s enforced disappearance and the South Korea Zone will organize a protest demonstration too. There will also be a social media campaign in order to highlight the enforced disappearance of Zahid Baloch at a large scale.

All Baloch political parties, organizations, human rights activists and social media activists are appealed to participate in this awareness campaign in a great number and give proof of your humanitarianism.