Various zones conducted programs on the eve of fiftieth foundation day of BSO. BSO Azad.

The spokesperson of BSO-Azad said in an advertised statement that on behalf of the fiftieth foundation day of BSO, Shaal, Khuzdar, Kharan, Surab, Zehri, Kalat, Awran, Jahoo, Tump, Turbat, Karachi and Shohaab along with others zones conducted programs.


In which the leaders addressed the audience to say, the students organizations played a glorious role in all those earlier movements arose globally, like same in whole history of Balochistan and Baloch national movement, the epoch 1960 has a dynamic importance. In the course of which the Baloch students around Balochistan in acquisition of education alongside the deprivations of nation, brought a sentiment of slavery, dispossession and wisdom, in terms of rights attainment formulated a platform. From that day to now, the progressivist vision and struggle against imperialistic enemy is not hidden at all.
BSO has confronted in these fifty years with many ups and downs, however it stood as a firm block and played a role of utmost character in conjunction with Baloch male and female students, Baloch public and motherland in concerns of every state brutality, injustice and imperialistic system. BSO’s role in political history of Balochistan is considered significant. It is that platform of young educated students which has produced thousands of political activists from its inception and till now. They further said that the organized participation of Baloch women in history of Baloch politics in political movement all go in reward of BSO.
On the other hand, state and parliamentarian groups attempted in all means to abolish and break BSO but the visionary and mature leadership’s physiognomies drawn BSO from the claws of political parties and rehabilitated it into a status of free political organization.
Not only puppet parties of state, however some cherished like friends also tried no stone unturned to spilt BSO, but leaders like Raza Jan and Zahid Jan overwhelmed all conspiracies to convey a message that if anyone in any time try to harm BSO will never get flourished. They said due to state crackdown, kill and dump policy and the organizational leader’s martyrdom. Chairman Zahid Jan, Zakir Majeed, Sanaullah Baloch, Shabir Baloch, Hassam Baloch and Naseer Baloch along with others activist’s extra judicial abduction, is a real evidence of BSO struggle.
In current appalling political situation of Balochistan, abstemious, cognizant and matured thinking people and political activists should comprehend upon sensitivity of phase and situation in order to enhance their struggle. BSO-Azad is an identity of Baloch nation’s political doctrine, it is not personal property of anyone, and it is a continuity of great sacrifices of martyrs. The completion of Baloch martyrs mission, is only a struggle of harmony and rigorous.