The negative impacts of CPEC project are appearing in the form of migration, massacre and enforced disappearances of Baloch people, BSO-Azad

Military offensive in Awaran

The media outlets and columnists, those who are praising China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project for the sake of money and fame, are arguing that CPEC will bring prosperity to Baloch people, But the fact is, as other exploiting mega projects like, Saindak Copper-Gold Project, Reko Diq and Gadani Power Plant, have become the reason of economic and social genocide of Baloch nation, CPEC project is much more dangerous than these projects. CPEC project is not only affecting a city, but entire Balochistan, particularly those areas where this corridor is passing. The negative impacts of CPEC project are appearing in the form of migration, massacre and enforced disappearances of Baloch people. Such circumstances are deliberately being created for the local population of Gwadar that they are compel to sell their land to non-Baloch and are withdrawing from their lands and properties. In the shape of this project, the Baloch nation, in future, will face multifaceted challenges, which cannot be hide by false claims and beautiful promises, nor they can silent the speakers and writers by force, who are speaking and writing about the devastations, caused by CPEC project.

Those projects in Balochistan which were forcefully succeeded by Pakistan, their outcome were received in the form of Baloch genocide, economic exploitation of Baloch and evacuations of large number of Baloch populations. However, the destructions of CPEC project will be more horrible as compared to Saindak project, Reko Diq or Sui Gas because China is involved in this project as an important partner who have Pakistan army and its own advanced technology for the completion of this project. China is going to begin Baloch genocide with their support, where Pakistan army will play the role of a contract killer and China, with its advanced technology can easily target anyone in such a dispersed population.

According to estimation, CPEC project will take 20 years for its completion. The functionality of CEPC’s western route is conditioned with the evacuation of Baloch population, who are residing around western route of CPEC, from their ancestral land by creating most horrible condition there. China, with the help of Pakistan army, has already begun strict aerial and ground military operation from Gwadar to Turbat till Awaran. Due to which, the residents on the western route of this project are compelled to leave their ancestral lands and properties and migrate empty handed. Currently, majority of small villages from Gwadar to Awaran have been evacuated by force. Local population has been dispersed to other cities for the safety of their life. While the aerial monitoring and barbarism of Pakistan army is continued with all its intensity. Even the houses, majority of them are huts, of people who could not migrate have been burnt down, and their residents are compelled to migrate at any cost.

According to government’s announcement and our source’s information, the future plans of civil and military government against local Baloch population are much dangerous. According to the future plan, the majority areas from Gwadar to Awaran will be under military siege. Balochistan government is inactive practically and Frontier Corps (FC) is a parallel government in Balochistan who has taken all affairs of state, even provincial affairs, in its hands. Along with administrative issues, FC controls the affairs of education, health and development schemes. The projects of provincial government which include the construction of roads are directly under the control of FC; Buleda to Turbat and Turbat to Tump road projects of district Kech can be taken as an example. Similarly, the Awaran Bazar Road to Tertej FC Camp Road’s contract is also under the control of FC, and the labors are also non-Baloch. FC has achieved the contracts of dozens of projects of Panjgoor and Awaran from provincial government. The schools of majority of Baloch areas are under the control or in occupation of the FC. The primary schools, high schools of many cities including Mashkey, Awaran, Kolowa, Dasht, Paroom and Tump are under the occupation of FC. Even the Inter College Mashkey is also under FC occupation, where educational activities have been suspended after 2013 and 2014. The officers of education department are silent on these issues due to the threat to their job and life. The health units in suburban areas are under the occupation of army and FC. Even, the responsibility to monitor the duties of teachers and medical staff are supervised by these institutions of army. The educational activities of schools have been suspended due to the intervention of Pakistan army, and the education officers are instructed to participate in every government celebrating day like August 14 and September 6.

The plan to put all areas of Gwadar, Awaran, Kech and Panjgur in military siege is top priority of the Pakistan government and army. The security and completion of this project have become very important for the government and army. The local populous have to pay its price in the form of evacuation and massacre. The Frontier Corps (FC) has been divided into two parts in January 2017. The deployment of FC has already become the reason of establishing of proxy groups which are involved in abduction and killing of people, the Pakistan army is going to establish a second FC headquarters in Turbat, Kech, which will be under IG’s command. The entire area of Gwadar, the center of CPEC, has been converted into an army zone. Despite of the presence of FC, Coast Guard and Navy, 10,000 personnel of regular army have been deployed under the command of a brigadier in first phase. According to the local administration of Kech, Pakistan Army will use land of 50,000 acres from D-Baloch to Merani Dam (areas of Turbat) for the establishment of FC headquarters. Pakistan army has also notified the administration to establish an army camp in Luri-e-Jangjah, a mountainous area of Dasht, which is adjacent to Merani Dam. The Pakistan Navy Camp, adjacent to Turbat Airport, was established in 2016 and it is made operational this year. Along with this, one other navy camp, comprises of 30 to 40,000 acres, was established in Dasth Kunchiti by occupying the land of locals of the area. Notification of allocation of nearly 1,000 acres land in the northern area of Tehsil Turbat, Kallag Sohrani to Ghenna, for military use of Pakistan army, have been published in newspapers on the behalf of the Deputy Commissioner Kech. The army is already present in Talaar and D-Baloch. Along with these if we look into army camps and check posts of District Kech only, they are enough to open eyes because it is planned to deploy more army personnel than the number of population.
The future number of army bases will be as follow: FC camp Turbat, FC camp Absor, Fc camp Tump, Fc camp Mand and FC camp Hoshab, Army camp Herronk, Army camp Geshkor, Army camp Balgatar, Army camp Talar, Army camp D Baloch. These are relatively bigger bases, the check posts on the roads are other than these whereas, as per plans of next year, FC headquarter Turbat, Fc camp Dasht, Fc camp Zaren Bug Dasht and Army camp Sohrani Kalag are only among FC and Army plans while navy camp of Dasht and Turbat already exists which will be made operational for military use in 2017 whereas Dasht Kunchiti’s naval base, comprised of 30 to 40,000 acres will be soon made operational for the security of CPEC because this CPEC project and current M8 road is adjacent to each other which will connect Ratho Dero and it will be easy to monitor these areas.

After the completion of these projects, aimed for military purposes, the majority areas of Makran division will convert into a military cantonment, and local population will be compelled to migrate. The initial phase of CPEC has yet not started, but, the local population is fully taken under military control. The military operations are continued with extreme intensity on daily basis which includes search operations, aerial monitoring, and abductions of unarmed Baloch residents, looting of homes during operations and burning of houses in suburban areas. Media is strictly banned in such areas which are under military operations. Pakistan army does not tolerate any news from war torn areas of Balochistan. In case of covering a single story, the journalist will face the treason charges, forced-disappearance for years or brutal death. On the basis of these enlightening facts, it can be estimated that the Baloch nation will pay the most horrible price in near future in the trade between Pakistan and China. Entire Balochistan, particularly those areas where CPEC project is under construction are already under intensified military operations and now the surrounding areas of CPEC project will also be punished very soon. It is quite necessary that human rights organizations, journalists and other related international institutions should take notice of serious and devastating situation, developed due to these investments in Balochistan and send their teams to Balochistan in order to expose the fake propaganda of Pakistan and its controlled media including the worst condition of Baloch nation to the world.