The environment of Balochistan University is the worst example of the colonial era: BSO Azad


The environment of Balochistan University is the worst example of the colonial era: BSO Azad

Sunday, April 14, 2019

The Central Spokesperson Baloch Students Organization Azad expressed concerns over the devastation of University of Balochistan and said that the Balochistan University is completely suffering of administrative, academic and educational crises, and the military institutions have seized all of its control into their hands.

The students are humiliated by using the excuse of security. The university has been converted into a big jail whereas the cafeterias have been closed and allotment of the rooms in hostels has been stopped while using the same excuse of security.

The Spokesperson said that being a student is like the selection of a dangerous life in Balochistan. Students of Balochistan face state barbarism from their homes till their educational institutions. The educational institutions play the basic role in generation and development of the human consciousness while students are also passed through the phases of research for the further improvement of social, political and economic systems, and students become familiarize to the debate and conversation like skills which provide the critical conscious that enables to give birth to the revolutionary movements against the outdated system, but the educational institutions of Balochistan—with the presence of military institutions and environment of fear—are making students as psychological patients.

Spokesperson further said that the environment of Balochistan University is the worst example of the colonial era. The student politics has been practically excluded from the university premises. There is complete dominance of the exhaust in university where no one exits to ask about the well being of the students.

In University of Balochistan, the selected persons of the military institutions have been deployed on the important designations and these selected persons just torture students mentally. The process of entry of students in the university till their classes has become the process is of their humiliation and mental torture.     

The spokesperson said that the state military institutions have seized the complete control of the university by using the excuse of security which has ruined the future of students, but it is very disappointing that the professors and lectures of university have become silent spectators despite the conversation of biggest university of Balochistan into a military cantonment. The students and teachers of Balochistan should get them out of the environment of fear and exhaust and they have to raise their voice for the safety of their future.