The Baloch students face extreme state tyranny: BSO Azad

The Baloch students face extreme state tyranny: BSO Azad
November 17, 2018
Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO-A) Central Spokesperson said in an issued statement that the International Students’ Day is observed every year globally on November 17. The day when the Nazi Army attacked on Czechoslovakia in the beginning of the World War II (WWII) in 1939 and imposed dictatorship.
But in response, the students’ organization of Czechoslovakia protested for the independence, democracy and against that unjustified occupation. In retaliation, the Nazi Army attacked on students, arrested several of them and executed nine among them. The November 17 is observed every year to commemorate those students and their sacrifices for a noble cause.
The Spokesperson said that BSO Azad has been struggling for the Baloch students and national rights since the very first day which made BSO Azad to face severe conditions from the state.  The state began the sequence of the enforced disappearance of Baloch students in order to compel them to withdraw from their struggle of rights, and this sequence is continued with high intensity since many years till date.
The abducted Baloch students are kept in state’s secret torture cells where they die during the infliction of inhuman torture while in the illegal custody, and finally their mutilated bodies are thrown. Many students have been killed through targeted-killing tactic which includes the central secretary general of our organization Raza Jahangir.
Several student leaders are illegally detained in the state secret detention centers for several years which include many leaders from the vice chairman of organization Zakir Majeed to the Secretary General Sanaullah Baloch.
On the other hand, those Baloch students who are getting education in educational institutions are facing mental torture from the stats, because all the educational institutions of Balochistan are converted into military camps, and hostels are raided on daily basis using excuses of security in order to torture the students psychologically.
In Balochistan, the state institutions under a policy are creating the environment of fear in the educational institutions which is aimed to close door of education and to keep Baloch students at a distance to education. While members of the organization are in a siege like situation in educational institutions and being compelled to quit education, but we have continued our struggle in this hard time too.
The spokesperson said that said to the Baloch youth and students that youth are the builder of nation and precious assets. In any society, the youth of the nation possess the status of the back bone. As students, it is your responsibility to share awareness and knowledge in nation and make the Baloch nation feel the slavery, so that they continue their struggle against this tyranny, barbarism and national slavery.