The Baloch Missing Persons Issue and Silence of UN


For last 2 months, Baloch mothers along with their infants and children are protesting in front of the Quetta Press Club (QPC) for the safe recovery of their beloved ones. Temperature in Quetta is dropping regularly which is affecting the health of organizers as well as the participants.

In this blood freezing winter, people normally can’t sit in their homes without heater, but the infant and their mothers, sisters, brothers and the sympathizers are sitting in an open cold area at the token hunger strike camp with their constitutional demand to present their disappeared beloveds to the courts of law and not to abduct or torture them in secret cells because disappearing a person is a collective punishment which is like dragging the entire family beyond the bars too.

Education is one of the basic rights for every human being and obviously a priority for the civilized nations. Primary education is further important for strengthening the base for higher education, but the Baloch children like Mahrang Baloch; daughter of abducted BSO Azad’s Central Cabinet Member Naseer Baloch and Ansa Baloch are demonstrating in their most sensitive phase of age.

Few days before they were afraid of facing camera, people and media but now Mahrang and Ansa became the face of this issue. The protest demonstrations and hunger strikes became the part of their primary education which they couldn’t forget at any stage of their lives.

The action of abduction is a crime against humanity and Pakistani security agencies and military institutions are committing this crime on daily basis across the Occupied Balochistan without any fear of national and international accountability, and this state crime with clear means come under the jurisdiction of the Baloch genocide.

Due to the total media blackout in Balochistan, none of the cases of enforced disappearances come under the media coverage, but the international community and the international media should not deliberately ignore the protesting children and mothers of the Baloch missing persons who are demanding justice for a long time.

The Vice Chairman Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) Mama Qadeer Baloch has been hospitalized due to extreme cold weather and he has been strictly suggested to avoid sitting in cold weather further.

Despite this all, there is no hearing of the beloved ones of the Baloch missing persons and the state of Pakistan is failed to give a serious response to this peaceful protest of the Baloch women and children. 

It is very disgraceful to see the silence of United Nations (UN) including the international human rights organization despite the exposure of the war crimes of the UN member state Pakistan. If they continue their policy of being silent spectators, then the Baloch missing persons’ issue will convert into a regional humanitarian crisis which is not a good sign for regional peace. 

Despite this all, BSO Azad appeals to UN and all other international human rights institutions for taking notice of the Baloch missing persons issue on immediate basis and taking concrete measures for its solution within no time and play their due role for the safety of humans of the Balochistan, otherwise the world in the history of human kind will sooner witness the worst humanitarian crisis of the Occupied Balochistan just with regrets.