The 21st National Council Session remained continue in its second day


Baloch students should play their due role in the struggle of national independence by the gain of modern education: Kamal Baloch

The 21st National Council Session of Baloch Students Organization Azad remained continue in its second day

August 2, 2018

The 21st National Council Session of Baloch Students Organization Azad, over the name of Central Secretary General Ezzat Baloch, Information Secretary Lakhmir Baloch and Prisoners of Liberation, is continued under the presidency of the Central Senior Vice Chairman Kamal Baloch.

 Today in the second day of the 21st National Council Session, the agendas of constitutional formation and organizational affairs remained under discussion. The agenda of constitutional formation was discussed with a saturated discourse.

In the agenda of organizational affairs, Senior Vice Chairman Kamal Baloch and the councilors had a saturated discussion and said that all members of Baloch Students Organization Azad deserve congratulation that performed the responsibility of organizing a successful National Council Session in highly harsh circumstances.

They added that Baloch Students Organization is the only organization in Baloch society that has kept its struggle continued despite all hardships along with completing its 50 years.   Despite all weaknesses of Baloch Students Organization, we rightfully say that BSO has an important role in the Baloch society for political and social changes.

Due to its progressive thought, the BSO has always remained a headache for the anti-revolutionary powers. The state, sardar and the opportunist powers have always attempted to keep the political power of the Baloch youth, the BSO, divided, and these powers became successful in their attempt (at some extent), but the ideological colleagues of BSO made this caravan to continue its journey which is continued till today.

In the colonial era, students play an important role to the growth of political awareness in the oppressed nation. In Baloch society, the struggle which Baloch Students Organization commenced against the colonial system, has gained expansion today and has completely surrounded the Baloch society.

The political education which Baloch youth received from BSO is admirable. The progressive thought of Baloch students present in educational institutions of Balochistan, Paksitan and the entire world is the blessing of BSO, but despite all this, we don’t feel sorrow accepting our weaknesses and mistakes.

The state implemented the colonial education system in order to finish the national feelings of the coming generation as a nation. The Baloch national identity and the civilization was tried to be distorted by the colonial education system. The religious extremism has been promoted in the progressive Baloch society.

 In Balochistan, the school system has been destroyed and the madrasa culture has been implemented. The culture of Jihad (Holy War) and extremism has been promoted in Balochistan by using the name of Islam and Islamic education.

Today the Baloch society is at an extremely sensitive point where extremist thought is being promoted in one hand and the real students politics has been considered prohibited on the other hand, and it is like putting your life in risk by getting education in the universities of Balochistan.

Today Baloch students are taking life risks for the gain of education while the largest educational institution of Balochistan, University of Balochistan, has been converted into a military cantonment. In Balochistan, it has been/is the attempt of the state to make the Baloch students the victim of mental complexities. In Balochistan, the state has always attempted to establish the environment of fear in the educational institutions, to make the youth greedy through its puppets and making them busy in small issues that the youth should stuck in fear, greed and small wishes, and to make ground unavailable for the real students politics.

They further said that the activists of BSO Azad stay focused in gain of education and make environment favorable for the real students politics. Using the name of students politics, students have been made engaged in the issues of rooms, sewerage and water, and this is needed to be finished on revolutionary grounds.

The activists of BSO Azad and Baloch students should provide learning platforms in educational institutions where students should be taken out of the rusted environment, and you provide them positive learning environment.

Baloch students should study the colonial eras of the world in order to free themselves from the environment of fear, greed and self-interest. Baloch students are the assets of society. The future of the Baloch society is associated with our students.  This decision goes to the students whether they commit the crime of putting the national future in dark by living in the environment of self-interest where life is spent under fear and with modest facilities or free themselves from the state backed environment of self-interest, and gain modern education of the world and play their due role in the struggle of national liberation for the formation of developed Baloch society.

They added that the activists of BSO Azad should keep themselves away from the politics of emotions, romanticism and daydreaming.  Emotions, romanticism and daydreaming are harmful things for politics which were causes of downfall of our political powers in past.

The activists of BSO Azad should deeply study all those weaknesses of past which were harmful for the Baloch Movement and then devise and determine their future strategies. Even in the harshest circumstances, despite being emotional, the activists of BSO Azad should struggle according to the ground realities.

Narrow mindedness is a cause of irreplaceable loss for the political activists. BSO Azad activists should give infinite extension to their political thoughts and should not provide room to disappointment, intolerance and haste behaviors in their circles, but make such circles full of courage, high scale of learning stuffs and tolerance.

Our activist should play their role for polishing the leadership skills of Baloch students in their learning circles, and this practice will produce such Baloch students from the queues of BSO Azad that can perform leading role in the Baloch politics and society.

In the end of second day of the 21st National Council Session of Baloch Students Organization Azad, the discussion on agendas of constitutional formation and organizational affairs were completed, and the agendas of constrictive criticism, international and regional political situation and future polices will be under discussion tomorrow on Friday 3rd August at the 3rd day of the 21st National Council Session.