Success of Baloch national freedom movement is impossible without the participation of Baloch women: Murwarid Baloch


Success of Baloch national freedom movement is impossible without the participation of Baloch women: Murwarid Baloch

Central Voice Chairperson Baloch Students Organization Azad Murwarid Baloch in her statement on the eve of International Women’s Day said that the International Women’s Day is the symbol of struggle of those women who raised voice for their rights and held protests at the roads of New York for the increment in salaries, right to vote and against the long duration of work.  

If women are provided equal opportunities for development including all facilities for needs of life, then they can play the important role for the development of any society of world.

Chairperson further said that women had an important status in political, economic and social system of Balochistan. The opinion of women had been given importance in the decision making process, but after the British occupation, the chieftains were given excessive power through Sandeman System and space for the Baloch women to play role in the social development was made limited and Baloch women then were made restricted till the boundaries of home only.

 In current circumstances, the Baloch women are resisting the Pakistan’s prejudice and outdated thoughts in Baloch society. Including this, the Baloch women should keep the social psychology aside and struggle to play an organized and important role in Baloch struggle for freedom, because the success of Baloch national independence struggle is impossible without the participation of Baloch women.  

Chairperson said that the Baloch women are seemed much effected due to the state barbarism in Balochistan.  Acid attacks on women, threatening pamphlets of religious groups and state death squads in schools of girls, enforced disappearance and custodial killing of Baloch women from different areas of Balochistan have been recorded. Including that several women have died due to the lack of health facilities during labor in Balochistan and an important reason behind that is the slavery under the state of Paksitan. To resist the current system and to stress over an important role in Baloch national movement is the only source to get rid of this slavery.

 It is the responsibility of the Baloch political parties and Baloch political organization to consciously educate the Baloch women and to prepare them for the struggle of national freedom, because the participation and role of women is the key to success for the Baloch independence movement.