State is using its all power against common Baloch in Balochistan: BSO-Azad


Baloch Students Organization-Azad (BSO-A) Central Spokesperson condemned the military operations in overall Balochistan in the issued statement, and said that state is using its all power against the common Baloch people in Balochistan. Military operations are continued in entire Balochistan and the target of these operations is directly the common Baloch people.

The military operations have been accelerated in Mashkay, Awaran, Zamuran and Gwarkoup areas of Balochistan. On January 11, an intensified military operation was started in Buleda and Zamuran areas of district Kech where these areas were completely sealed, all houses were searched, and people were humiliated and tortured physically and psychologically.

According to the on-ground details, the air force did shelling on the common people and restricted them to their homes. There are reports of casualties and loss of properties due to the aerial operations. The ground forces occupied the hospital and school of Dashtuk, an area of Zamuran, and have established military checkpoints there.

While military operations were once again intensified in Mashkay since last week and the grounded and aerial forces have began operations. Common people are made the subject to torture during the military operations, and property and cattle of people were looted and were shifted to the military camps.

It is to be clear that a large-scale military operations was begun ranging from Mashkay to Ragay which resulted in the extrajudicial killing of more than 10 women and children and detention of more than 50 people who were then shifted to the military camps; woman and children were in a majority among the detainees.

On previous day, forces began operations in Awaran, and there are reports of burning different villages of Jhakro, Draski, Qandahar areas of Awaran. While Aasumi Baloch, a resident of Awaran Draski, was arrested, stomped, and then released.

Forces today began operation in Gwarkoup area of Balochistan. People of Jmk, Lunji, Solani, Sari Kallag and other areas of Gwarkoup were made subject to torture and several homes were burnt too. It is to be clear that BSO-Azad Central Information Secretary Lakhmeer Baloch was made the subject of arrest-cum-abduction from Gwarkoup during an operation; Lakhmeer Baloch is still missing.

Spokesperson said that state is snatching the basic right to live form the common people of Balochistan. In Balochistan, the sources of income for people are the local business and agriculture. State has converted Balochistan into a war zone and people are migrating from their forefather’s areas, which are converted into the war-torn areas of Balochistan now, in a large-scale and living as migrant whose sources of income have been defunct due to migration.

In these conditions, Baloch migrants are suffering from heavy economic distress on one hand and are subject to state barbarism on other hand; living in such circumstance is worse. United Nations Organization for Migrants should do justice to their responsibilities by including the Baloch migrants in their agenda.

In addition, spokesperson paid tribute to late Dr.Rasool Bux Raisani for his educational services for Balochistan, and said that he has devoted his entire life for the educational services. It is extremely difficult to fill the space of such personalities. Spokesperson said that the educational services of late Dr. Rasool Bux Raisani will always be remembered.