Sohrab Baloch elected as Central Chairman and Shah Meer Baloch as Central Secretary General.


Sohrab Baloch elected as Central Chairman and Shah Meer Baloch as Central Secretary General.

The 21st National Council Session of Baloch Students Organization Azad ended with success.

Congratulate all members and Baloch youth for the conduct of a successful council session: Chairman Sohrab Baloch

August 3, 2018

The 21st National Council Session of Baloch Students Organization Azad, on the name of Central Secretary General Ezzat Baloch, Information Secretary Lakhmir Baloch and Prisoners of Liberation, was continued under the presidency of Central Senior Vice Chairman Kamal Baloch.

Today at the 3rd and last day of the 21st National Council Session the agendas of constructive criticism, international and regional political situation and the future polices were under discussed.

After the discussion on the agenda of the constructive criticism at the 3rd and last day of National Council Session, the councilors of the National Council Session said while commenting on the agenda of the international and regional political situation that the changes to the international politics is repeating its past.

For being dominant on the global trade, the world is in the process of alignment that has clearly divided the world into different blocks which has increased complexities in the world politics. After the collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), the Russian federation along with the world second economic power China has been successful of having clear influence over Central Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Europe and Africa.

On the other hand there are also strong possibilities that United States of America, the biggest economic power of world, is trying is close the old war fronts and opening new war fronts in order to maintain its dominancy in global trade and to stop the dominancy of its strong competitors China and Russia.

In the US war history, the Afghan War has become the longest and most expensive war than the other wars, but the US presence on this front is very important for the US foreign policy for Asia, and the US attempt to keep Taliban in pressure is linked to the US policies.

In August last year, President Trump has announced to re-assess the strategies related to the Afghan War. To keep Taliban on military pressure, to pressurize Pakistan for further assistance and to focus on the peace talks were among the strategies of the US president.

After the President Trump’s Asia policy, in first six months of 2018, US and its allies dropped 2,911 bombs on Afghanistan, and this quantity is double fold of the bombs used in Afghanistan in previous year, but on the other hand, Taliban is being tried to be brought to the negotiation table too.

Increase in operation against the Taliban and recent Qatar negotiations are the indication that US is trying to bring Taliban to the negotiating table with minimum conditions in order to live in this region permanently and to stop the dominancy of its competitors.

While US, in Eastern Asia, is trying to bring its old opponent North Korea to the negotiating table in order to give its two important allies, Japan and South Korea, protection from China and to save its influence in Eastern Asia from any worst difficulties.

But in global politics, the biggest news of the time is the fast movement of waves of war between Iran and US. President Trupm’s withdrawal from the international nuclear pact of Iran and the announcement of economic bans on Iran has shaken the Iranian economy and this US decision against Iran has put US allies and opponents in a hard situation.

After the establishment of the international nuclear pact with Iran, big European companies have their direction towards Iran, but European Union is in severe difficulties after the US withdrawal from Iran’s international nuclear pact.

On one hand, the US leadership is required to stop the advancing of China and Russian towards European markets, but European Union is worried about the unsparing policies of President Trump. Not just European Union is affected from the current environment of war between Iran and US, but the important US ally India is also in sever hardships, because Iran is playing an important role for the increase of Indian influence in this region.

Despite this entire situation, U.S is still very important for India and European Union, because the expansionist policies of China are the symbol of danger for Europe and India.

While speaking about the expected impacts of changes in Afghanistan and Iran over Balochistan, the leaders said that Pakistan, in Afghan War, has used the Baloch land as a Jihadi industry (Industry for Holy War) and the Baloch nation has directly been affected of the Pakistan’s extremist ideologies because the extremist ideologies have been promoted in this region, and this ideology has gain expansion in vast scale.

Perhaps, the Baloch nation will have to face dangerous influences of the expanded extremist ideologies in coming time. The extremist policies of Paksitan have affected the Baloch and Afghan nation similarly. Eradication of extremism and establishment of piece will be a reason of peace, development and prosperity in this region, but we understand that it is necessary to finish the Jihadi industry (Industry for Holy War) from Paksitan in order to eradicate extremism from Afghanistan and to establish peace there.

State of Paksitan is expanding the Jihadi industry over the ideological grounds. Despite all global pressure and bans, internationally wanted terrorists and their parties participate in the state elections of Paksitan and these powers have state’s support for their free mobility.

The extremist policies of Pakistan and the Chinese military objectives in this region are not a good sign for the region. The establishment of peace in Afghanistan is not only reason of peace for this region, but it also will be helpful to stop the expansionist aims of China. But we have severe concerns that Paksitan will be using the Baloch land for its religious extremist policies.

By the access of Baloch land to the international terrorist organization, IS (Islamic State), and for the Chinese military objectives, there are possibilities of the point that the Baloch land will directly be affected by the collision of the international powers.

 The leaders further said that Baloch people and the land are dearest to us than all. The Baloch land cannot tolerate the distraction which will be caused by the international terrorism and the military policies of powers like China.

The Baloch people along with an independent and peaceful Balochistan want to also see this region peaceful and free of extremism. The Baloch political leadership should deeply study the changes and its effects in this region and adopt clear strategies because there are possibilities of use of the Baloch land as the field of war in case of collision of the international powers.  In this regard, the self-interested and opportunist powers in the Baloch society will play the role of aide.

While discussing the recent Pakistani elections and their effects on Balochistan, the councilors said that the “Mullah-Military Establishment” selects their own people in Pakistan by using the name of elections. Pakistan’s recent elections are its clear examples.

Talking to the Baloch youth, the councilors said that those youngsters who had hope from the Pakistani elections and the parliamentarian parties, the recent elections obviously are a lesson for them. In Paksitan, from dictatorship to the so-called democracy, all are dealt from the court of the Mullah-Military Establishment.

Those parliamentarian parties who claim to get Baloch national rights from the Pakistani federation are in the queue before the he Mullah-Military Establishment for the seat adjustment. It is estimated by this act that the status of these parliamentarian parties is not more than tissue papers.

The Baloch people, particularly those youth who have hope of goodness from these beggars of power, should  the past of the parliamentarian parties that how these elements use the slogan of nationalism just for the protection of their tribal and own interests.

Today at the third and last day of the 21st National Council Session of Baloch Students Organization Azad, the organizational structure was dissolved after the saturated discussion over the agendas of constructive criticism, international and regional political situation and future policies, and then the election commission was established according to the organizational constitution.

Under the supervision of Senior Vice Chairman Kamal Baloch, the three-member election commission held elections for the election of the Central Cabinet and Central Committee. In the organizational elections, all member of the Central Cabinet and the Central Committee elected unopposed except the Central Vice Chairperson.

Morwared Baloch was elected as the Central Vice Chairperson after the fight in elections. The newly elected Central Chairman of BSO Azad is Sohrab Baloch, Central Vice Chairperson is Morwared Baloch and the Central Secretary General is Shah Meer Baloch.

After the end of successful 21st National Council session of BSO Azad, the oath taking ceremony was held where the head of the election commission Ex. Senior Vice Chairman Kamal Baloch took oath from the newly elected members. In the end, the newly elected Chairman Sohrab Baloch congratulated all BSO Azad members for the conduct of the successful council session.