Role of international media for Balochistan like war-torn region is highly disappointing: BSO-Azad

Baloch Students Organization-Azad (BSO-A) central spokesperson condemned the military operations in Mashkay, Washuk and Panjgur areas of Balochistan, and said that the ongoing army operations in Mashkay have entered into their worst phase.
Several villages of Mashkay, Washuk and Panjgur are under the bombardment of Air and Ground Forces of Pakistan, and the troops of Pakistan Air Force fully destroyed dozens of houses. In Gajhli, an area of Mashkay, 10 persons have been killed including women and children, while there are other reports of killing and arrests of dozens of people, which includes women, children and elders in a majority.
The complete details of losses couldn’t be delivered due to the complete army siege in the military-operation-hit-areas.  Paksitan Army forced disappeared Noor Hathoon , sister of Baloch leader Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch, and Saheb Dad, his cousin. Khair Baksh, one more cousin of Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch, has been killed during his arrest and his body was thrown away.
BSO-Azad central spokesperson said that they expressed their concerns on previous days about the completeness of the preparations to bring intensity in the ongoing military operations in Balochistan. The aggressive military operations which are continued since last four days turned our concerns into reality. These military-operation-hit-areas are completely sealed for transportation and the state forces set the stage for the air and ground operations, and this operation is being expanded too.
In addition, state forces conducted a home-to-home search operation in Malant area of Tump. State forces violated the social codes of ethics, tortured women and children and made several people the subject of arrest-cum-abduction in Malant. While Abdul Rahman son of Daud and Khalil Ahmed son of Zabad have also been arrested during a military operation in Ghick area of Panjgur, and they were shifted to an undisclosed location.
Baloch Students Organization-Azad central spokesperson said that the local media adopted the usual complete silence against such aggressive operations. The Baloch people see the behavior of local media as the collaborator of the state policies. While the role of international media for Balochistan like war-torn region is highly disappointing, because the most sensitive and critical military operations in Balochistan also failed to attain the focus of international media.
The majority of local correspondents of the international media are not doing justice with a great profession like journalism by compromising before their patriotic emotions; who consider the state instance as the ground reality and are publishing it. The sincerity of correspondences of international media can be judged by their scope of reporting which is only limited to Quetta, including that they receive news from the military-operation-hit-areas of Makran, Sarawan and Jahlawan by the sources of state forces.
International media, whose correspondents are present in Pakistan, should review the role of their local correspondents about reporting Balochistan, and make them to do justice with their journalistic principles and responsibility by giving room to Balochistan like war-torn regions in the international media.