Politics: The Praxis Sphere


By: Ruzn Baloch

Plato’s The Republic, his very famous book, centers on a statement regarding the politics. The statements states; “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” Politics plays Key role in society for the establishment of regulations and peace, and gain of prosperity and sovereignty. Politics influences the daily life of citizen socially and economically.

Every sphere of life is politically connected. Political sphere is the sphere of praxis; practice of the learnt knowledge. After 11 years of experiencing political process in Illinois, United States, (central northern part of the US), Jim Sacia, the 89th district representative in Illinois, stated in the Associated Press that, “I am such a believer in what the mind can conceive and believe, that can be achieved. I would suggest, however, only living in a free and democratic society, and that society can be achieved through politics only.”

A society is established by the political parties and government, and one who does not practice politics is like not involving in society. The people who do not involve in society are considered dead. Anything we do in our daily life is essentially connected with the state; either it’s our educational, medical, societal or financial issues, all are connected with the state and involved in the state matters. Playing your role in state matters is what we call politics.

Society goes through the evolutionary process, and politics is very important for social interests and growth. During the World War One (WWI), an American journalist asks the Britain Prime Minister that, “When will the war end?” The British Prime Minister’s response was, “If tonight, people understand that why the war began, then the war will end automatically.” British PM’s answer was very simple, but was sterling. All he meant to say that if people would understand and background and become politicized, then they can surely play the required role for the stoppage of war. Taking stand against the problematic opinions of society is the basic aspect of politics.

Politics opens the gateway of human mind, and makes a human to realize his freedom of living and expression. For instance, a watershed event in modern European history is the French Revolution. The French Revolution began in 1789 and lasted till 1799, but it reshaped the entire French society.

The primitive cause of French Revolution was the social structure of the West. The Feudal system and political corruption was rapidly destabilizing the French society, and common men’s basic rights were being demolished by the elite class. Freedom of speech, art and aesthetics were banned.

The time was going forward but human himself was moving backward in France. When the people in France became politicized, they decided to change their society and gave it their best shot to fight corrupt political system and exploitation. Hence, from the Renaissance movement to Industrial Revolution, politics reformed the French society from its base.

Today, the new regime began in France. The National Constituent Assembly completed the abolition of feudalism, suppressed the old “orders and vales,” and established the civil equality. Today, aesthetics speaks first in France. All the fruit the French people gained was through the practice of politics only.

If a society wants to compete, grow and accommodate with the developed societies of the world, it needs to be politicized first, and secondly it must practice politics. This practical education will make the society politically mature.