Pay tribute to the Martyrs of Murghap’s sacrifices: BSO Azad


Pay tribute to the Martyrs of Murghap’s sacrifices: BSO Azad

The Central Spokesperson Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO-A) on the eve of the 10th Martyrdom Anniversary of the Martyrs of Murghap said that the Pakistani secret services enforcedly disappeared the Chairman of Baloch National Movement, Chairman Ghulam Mohammad, and his two colleagues, Lala Muneer Baloch and Sher Mohammad, from Turbat on April 3, 2009 and dumped their severely mutilated bodies on April 9 that year.     

Martyrs of Murghap vitalized the feeling of independence in Baloch nation through their everlasting sacrifices, struggle and leading capabilities. The Martyrs of Murghap and thousands of other strugglers/activists of Balochistan sacrificed their precious lives for the Baloch national identity, independence of the Baloch country and for the prosper life of the coming generations of Baloch nation where they should be free of the national slavery. Including that, their sacrifices were also aimed to get the ownership of their homeland and to give an eternal life to the Baloch traditions, language and identity. And, the philosophy of the Martyrs of Murghap was to avail themselves for their identity and country.

The Spokesperson further said that the incident of the Martyrs of Murghap was the beginning of the ‘Kill-and-Dump’ policy of the state which was followed by an escalated and fierce Baloch genocide.

In the Baloch genocide, thousands of youth, elders, political activists, students, laborers and doctors were extrajudicially arrested and then disappeared including the women and children who were/are illegally detained in the state torture cells for years.

 Several mutilated bodies of the illegally-arrested youth have been dumped, and the Kill-and-Dump policy is continued with rapidity till today where the arrest-cum-disappearance of women and children has been sped up. The extrajudicial detention leading to the disappearance of women is taking place on daily basis, too.

The Spokesperson said that we support Baloch National Movement’s announced references that will be conducted for remembrance and tribute of the Martyrs of Murghap, and all of our activists are requested to attend the references of Baloch National Movement in a large number.