Pay tribute to the martyrs of Murghap: BSO-Azad


Quetta: Baloch Students Organization-Azad (BSO-A) Central Spokesperson in an issued statement paid tribute to the martyrs of Murghap, and added that the sacrifice of martyrs of Murghap is a factor for the increase of awareness about the Baloch national movement.
The assassination of the highly mature political personalities like Martyr Ghulam Mohammad, Martyr Lala Muneer and Martyr Sheer Mohammad is definitely an irreparable loss for the Baloch national movement, but the sacrifices of these personalities remained the reason for the revolutionary changes in the Baloch society.
The irresponsible and barbaric state of Pakistan, violating the international laws, forcibly disappeared the chairman of the largest nationalist party of Balochistan, Baloch National Movement (BNM), and the most active politician, Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, along with his colleagues, Lala Muneer Baloch and Central Committee Member Baloch Republican Party (BRP) Sheer Mohammad Baloch. And their mutilated bodies were dumped in Murghap, a surrounding area of Turbat, after the sixth day of their abduction.
Contrary to the expectation of Paksitan, the Baloch people had given an organized reaction against this tragedy, whose effects are alive in Baloch society for ever. Sacrifices of the martyrs of Murghap not only remained helpful for the popularity of the Baloch national movement globally but also became a reason of changes for the Baloch movement internally.
The spokesperson further said that the incident of the martyrs of Murghap was the beginning point of the ‘Kill-and-Dump’ policy of Pakistan. Under the Kill-and-Dump policy, Pakistan intensified the process of Baloch genocide, which resulted in the extrajudicial arrest of thousands of Baloch political activists, students, doctors, lawyers, teachers, women, children and people from all walks of life; state detained them in its secret torture cells. While mutilated bodies of thousands of those forcibly disappeared persons had been recovered, and this act is continued with no gaps till today.
Paksitan began implementing on this barbaric policy in order to crush the Baloch national independence movement with immediate effects, in which Pakistan tried to use its complete power and gave its overall attention in Baloch genocide, but remained completely unsuccessful to end the movement of the Baloch people.
The clear example of the Pakistani failure is the continuation of the present movement for last 17 years. The Baloch movement is not only continued for last 17 years but also has become a well aware and organized movement.