Over enforced disappearance and abduction of central leaders of organization along with adolescent children and young Baloch students, an awareness campaign of six days conceded on its second in front of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in Toronto from BSO-Azad.


On the second day of the awareness campaign, a signatory campaign has been initiated for the retrieval of BSO Azad’s central leaders and others abducted Baloch, pamphlets and leaflets distributed too. During the awareness campaign, the public representatives of Canada, civil society beside which various sphere of people have been given consciousness about the enforced disappearances, recovery of mutilated dead bodies and fierce military operations on communal residents of Balochistan.


All through the awareness campaign, Chairperson of BSO-Azad, Karima Baloch and leaders of BNM concentrated representatives of Canadian legislative Assembly and civil society persons to say that, we have been dreadfully trying to attract the world that the silence of the civilized world over the genocide of Baloch in this region turns into escalated lucidness of Pakistan, but the financier states of Pakistan didn’t take any satisfactory footstep on this atrocious issue.


Today the entire glob has accepted our attitude that Pakistan is a bellwether of religious extremism all over world. The speakers pierced towards the civilized nations and said, against enforced disappearance of young Baloch students and political activists the Canadian legislative representatives along with international nations should raise their voices, because protection of young Baloch students and political activists is a protection of Baloch nation’s future. In the concluding session, they said the six days awareness campaign will continue in different places of Canada.