New kahan – Gaza Strip of Quetta


Naznain Baloch:

New kahan, an area on the outskirts of Quetta  Balochistan, stunning undiscovered area where about 8000 families live. The remarkable Baloch Tribe  in New kahan is Marri tribe and there was no any permanent settlement of any other tribe before inhabitation of marris in this area. The Majority Of Population is poor and the Main Stay  of population is farming or Work as  shopkeepers.
Balochistan has trillions worth of Gold, Natural gas,Petroleum(mostly in marri Area Kohlu) and other resources  have been mercilessly used By the state but like other areas of Balochistan residents of  New kahan are deprived of employment and other basic facilities of life like clean drinking water, Electricity, schools and hospital. The name, ‘New Kahan’ was Given To the Area when Marri tribe returned back to Balochistan from Afghanistan in early 90’s. The Kahan,a marri Area situated in Kohlu district of Balochistan. The  name (New Kahan) was given According to the Marri Area Kahan where marri tribe has been settled for centuries.

The  Kahan  area is Also famous for being The native village of Baloch leader Nawab Khair Baksh Marri. In 1973 ,when Zulfikar Ali Butto dismissed the Balochistan Government and begin  Perilous Operation in  entire Balochistan, hundreds of people were killed and arrested and the Result was the large number of Baloch people took to the Mountains to defend their territory, tradition  and culture that has been part of their lives for centuries. After operation, in 1973-1978 hundreds of Marri Baloch Along with their Leader Nawab khair baksh Marri and his Ideological colleagues migratted To the Afghanistan. The Marris returned back from Afghanistan in 1992 and settled  at western bypass near Koh-e- Chiltan mountain in Quetta.

Pakistani military operation is continue till now in different areas of Balochistan including new Kahan on large scale, Marri tribe is again under aggression  by Pakistani forces. Thousands of People were abducted and hundreds of mutillated bodies found dumped and  houses were burnt. The  New kahan  is completely converted in to paramillitery camp, on daily bases  security forces are killing and abducting the civilians. The ongoing heavy military Operations has Obligate the peoples Of new kahan to migrate to other cities. Migration of Baloch has been ongoing since the forced annexation of Balochistan By Pakistan  in 1948. About 50% of population have  migrated From new kahan  to other areas. As Israil forces began its Air strikes and ground Operations in Ghazza, burn down homes, destroyed buildings and killed thousands of Palestinians including abduction and killing of children and women. Israil  largely control gaza’s water supply (doesnot give water to the Palestinians rather sell it to them at full price) and Electricity. On The same way New Kahan is under all control of Pakistani millitary forces  where  All basic fascillites are under control of Army including drinking  water and Electricity. Army is destroying excessive farm lands, burning homes, abducting Children and women on daily basis. Due to the atrocities beggary has become a Profession for the most Of the Peoples Of New kahan because army destroyed all the farm lands and it require huge financial support  to manage land damage and farm systems.

Martyrs grave Yard (Shuhda-e-Balochistan Qabristan) is also present in New Kahan, The same graveyard where Nawab Khair Baksh Marri and other hundreds of Baloch Martyrs are burried including two brothers, Mohammad Nabi and Mohammad Khan were abducted and their bodies were found in Feroz Abad Quetta, have the Martyres Graveyard as their last resting Place. Faiz Mohammad mazarani marri (mutilated body was Found in dasht area) and Khudadad marri (body was Found in Dera Allahyar) were burried at the Baloch Martyrs Graveyard. Labah Marri ,meero Marri, Dawood marri and Saleem marri were abducted and tortured till death  but in order to Conceal the truth, a wrong statement of shoot out with frontier corps was released to the media. The four were buried in martyrs Graveyard.

After the Burial of Nawab Khair baksh marri’s wife the Forces again raided new kahan at mid night and carried out  house to house search operation. Pakistani forces tortured women and children during search operation and forced them to stay out of their houses for several hours in the freezing weather.

The  Pakistan army and QDA mafia headed by GD Imran Zarghoon and Wing commander FC (frontier corps)  Usman  have started demolishing the houses of marri Baloch in New kahan, many of houses have already been demolished in the name of development. In past, the atrocities done on the people of Bengal by Pakistan during Bangladesh’s Independence in 1971 is being repeated. Pakistan is systematically committing genocide in New kahan and all over Balochistan to maintain its illegal occupation over Baloch land. It is the time that united efforts must b made to help the Baloch nation to get rid of this miserable situation. All human rights proponents, Social media Activists, Global Human rights bodies should play their part of being  the voice for suppressed people of New kahan.