The Right Honourable Justine Trudeau

Prime Minister of Canada

House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6




Ms. Karima Mehrab

Chairperson, Baloch Students Organisation – Azad

Toronto, Ontario


September 29, 2017


Urgent entreaty to assert diplomatic pressure on Pakistan to stop the ongoing, month-long military operation against innocent civilian population in Kolwa, Balochistan.

Dear Prime Minister:

People of Balochistan are facing the worst kind of human rights abuses, social injustice, sectarian violence, enforced disappearances, targeted killings, torture and the “kill and dump” policy carried out by the Pakistani state security forces against Baloch political activists with impunity. The indigenous people of Balochistan are being systematically marginalized through methods employed by the state that involves cultural genocide, ethnic cleansing, militarization, and promotion of religious extremism as a tool to control and radicalize the society and to rid it of all humane and democratic values.

Currently, a month-long Pakistani military operation is underway in Kolwa, the most poverty-stricken region of Balochistan. More than fifty military vehicles and six helicopter gunships with hundreds of soldiers are taking part in this campaign of death and destruction. Villages in this area have been cordoned off and none of the Pakistani or international press is permitted access to the locals for independent reporting. According to the local sources medical aid is being denied to several of the residents who are in urgent need of it. Pakistan Army soldiers are committing heinous crimes that include beatings, torture, arbitrary arrests, disappearing arrested villagers to undisclosed locations and shooting civilians in public view. There are reports of soldiers torching homes and burning down villages, destroying local means of livelihood of the people. Many are feared dead or in critical need of medical attention.

Dear Prime Minister:

We have lost all hope from the Pakistani government, judiciary and civilian authorities to save us from this barbarism unleashed upon us by its own army that rules supreme and unchallenged in the country. Our only hope is the western democracies and the international community that has the means to put an end to these Pakistani war crimes in Balochistan.


People of Balochistan demand for an urgent international intervention to stop the Pakistan state atrocities, gross human rights violations and crimes against humanity committed against civilian populations. Suffering families ask for the return of thousands of Baloch missing persons illegally taken away by the Pakistan Army in the last several years. Canada should send a peace and human rights mission to Islamabad to independently inquire and find ways to put an end to the military operations in Balochistan.

Enclosed: Attached with the memorandum is a copy of a comprehensive human rights report on Balochistan that was presented at the UNHRC in Geneva.