Members keep their complete focus for the gain of revolutionary education, fourth Central Committee meeting held under presidency of Central Chairperson Karima Baloch: BSO-Azad


Baloch Students Organization-Azad (BSO-A) Central Spokesperson said in the issued statement that fourth meeting of the Central Committee was held under the presidency of Central Chairperson Karima Baloch. The agenda of organizational activity report, constructive criticism, organizational affairs, international and regional condition and the agenda of the future course of action were discussed in detail.

During the discussion on the current condition and the organizational activities, the central leadership said that BSO has seen different up and downs in its 50-years-old history, but it has never given up to its stand, and continued the chain of struggle with its strict discipline and revolutionary principles.

Due to its revolutionary struggle, BSO is suffering imperialist oppression and barbarism since the beginning. State has always targeted the front-line leadership of BSO. In current time, the enforced disappearances of Central Secretary General Sanaullah Baloch, Central Information Secretary Shabeer Baloch, two Central Committee members, Hassam Baloch and Nasaeer Ahmed and the extrajudicial killing of Mashkay zone president Hasil Qazi, Khumar Baloch of Jahu Zone, Shakir Shad and Sadiq Baloch of Kolwah zone and Siraj Baloch of Awaran zone by state military institutions is the chain of state barbarism on the revolutionary students organization.

Despite the overall state crackdowns, the political and revolutionary training of Baloch youth didn’t stop, the state used its all means in order to keep BSO-Azad at a distance to educational institutions, but the consistent behavior of BSO-Azad’s ideological activists made the state’s ambitions failed.

Despite the extreme state barbarism, BSO-Azad’s activists are engaged in the ideological education of youth in the Baloch society. The result of youth’s ideological struggle is present in the growth of the political awareness in Baloch society.

The central leadership said that the need of revolutionary education is like the need of food for the body. The activists of BSO-Azad keep their complete focus over the gain of revolutionary education, because the ideological maturity of the struggle is dependent on the revolutionary education. In any organization, the freezing of the revolutionary education’s environment results in the mental pollution of the political activists and such organizations fail to produce the standardize thoughts, which suffers the political activists to the dangerous disease like credulity.

Due to the revolutionary education, the continuation of the chain of struggle in the worst condition is definitely a great success for BSO-Azad and this success directly goes to the activists of BSO-Azad, but the BSO-Azad’s activist sustain the standard of their revolutionary education and never let the political cancer like disease, the credulity, to enter in their lines, and spread the political behavior according to the revolutionary principles in the organization.

BSO-Azad activists play their role for the growth of the culture of search for national survival among the common Baloch youth by their revolutionary role and act, and show consistency for the formation of an organized political society by their hard work.

During the discussion on the global and regional condition, the central leadership said that the conditions of the world are changing very fast and basic reason in this change is the dominancy of more than one power over the international economy. The most influencing countries of the world have accepted the bitter truth that all possibilities to be dominated singly over the global economy have also finished. Therefore, in the race to keep their economic condition stable and to cross one another, guns are kept on the shoulders of third world countries in order to use them against each other, and this race is resulting in creation of the intensified survival issues for the weak financial status countries.

On the other hand, China came to surface as the important player in the international economy. China used principles of colonizing system under its extension policies, and has begun implementation on the policies to make new colonies for itself under the shelter of its economic projects. China is particularly using CPEC (China Paksitan Economic Corridor) in Balochistan for making the ground ready for its military activities that have created the state of extreme unease in this region, and its effects can be seen in the U.S foreign policy where highly hard stands have been adopted for Pakistan.

The change in the U.S foreign policy might be for political pressure temporarily, but it proves that China has made plans to directly use this region for its military interests under the shelter of its economic projects; Its clear example can be seen in the recently published report of New York Times which is about the Jewani Naval Base (It should be clear that those organizations and parties which are struggling for the Baloch national independence have said for several times that China Pakistani Economic Corridor is completely a military project and Baloch land is directly being exploited in it).

The presence of China in Balochistan under the shelter of CPEC will be highly dangerous for U.S in Afghan war, the important route for the world of oil, the Strait of Hormuz and the important ally for U.S in this region, India, which is in any way not acceptable for U.S. While U.S has brought basic changes in its policies for this region in order to protect its interests; its clear example is the increase in the number of the U.S army despite their evacuation from Afghanistan and the speed of the Afghan war is being accelerated. On the other hand, India is being close to U.S and is present as an important U.S ally in this region. Third important point is the cut of U.S military aid for Pakistan and to put Pakistan in severe pressure. By these all circumstance, the result is derived that Balochistan has its strategic importance in the tussle between U.S and China. On the other hand, Pakistan, using Chinese aid, is accelerating its merciless activities on daily basis for crushing the ongoing Baloch national independence movement, because Baloch has declared the imperialist projects of China, which are continued on the Baloch land without the Baloch’s will, as the issue of its national survival, and Baloch nation is the obstacle to this project.

While the Baloch national independence movement is gaining popularity in world on daily basis despite the use of power by Pakistan using Chinese aid against the Baloch national independence movement. The acceptance of the Baloch national liberation movement in this region and the continuation of the chain of the struggle prove that all external projects will be failed in Balochistan without the will of the Baloch nation because Balochistan is an important region strategically for the world. In the end, important decisions were taken for to further active the organization in entire Balochistan and to make it more organized.