Martyrs: The Beacon of Baloch Nation


Martyrdom is the expression of devotion. The people who bravely sacrifice their being for the motherland without any doubt are the real heroes for the nation. Every nation dedicates a day to the martyrs for their motherland and remembers the sacrifices of their heroes.

Similarly, the Baloch nation remembers its heroes who not only fight for the motherland but also are against all forms of discrimination among individuals or groups on the bases of religion, caste, creed, doctrine, race or ethnic origin.

The Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO-A) has marked the 13th November as the National Baloch Martyrs Day in 2010 to commemorate the martyrdom of our heroes. To remember those thousands of men, women, children and elder daughter and son of Baloch nation, we know some of them by name and others are our unsung heroes who lay in unmarked graves.

We remember the sacrifice of the heroes who bravely devoted their lives in 19th century. On November 13, 1839, Mir Mehrab Khan, the ruler of Balochistan, refused to surrender against the powerful British imperialists who invaded Balochistan, knowing that he will be eventually defeated, but he fought till his last breath.

The Baloch nation has a long history of sacrifices, whether there were the Arab invaders or the Britain imperialist who came with the intention to occupy the Baloch land, but the heroes of Baloch fought till the last breath. Baloch heroes who laid down their precious lives for the bright future of next generations are beacon for the nation.

Remembering the inspirational words of Mehrab Khan “I may not defeat the enemy but I can die for my motherland” are the enlightenment for today’s youth.

The day when Pakistan invaded Balochistan, then Baloch people took the yarn of Mehrab Khan, but did not surrendered. Many Baloch men, women and even infants have been killed by Pakistani forces in order prolong its occupation over the Baloch land, and the sequence of this brutal assassination is continued till today.

Baloch scarifies for the gain of sovereignty of its motherland, and will continue the sequence of sacrifice until Pakistan leaves our motherland and Baloch gains the free Baloch state.

The world has been turned into a global village and in the global village every minor issue has been discussed. The sovereign countries of world should take notice of the human rights violations taking place in Baloch land by Pakistan on daily basis. The world should intervene in Balochistan issue, stop the Baloch genocide and accept Baloch as a free nation.