Magnifecint symbol of revultionery

Baloch Student Organization Azad’s central spokesperson narrated in a broadcasted statement that on 26 November, the fiftieth foundation year of BSO is being completed. The fiftieth foundation day of BSO alongside Baloch youth and all revolutionary youth around glob is a day of prideful. In this universe BSO is a magnificent symbol revolutionary struggle, which in Baloch region and society has played a primitive sort of role on pervasiveness of social equality, vision of justice and freedom. The foundation of BSO and its unceasing struggle has been interpreting factor of Baloch society in terms of revolutionary and enlightened wisdom. BSO as for as its history is concerned has gone through diverse ups and downs however from hard to tougher phase it has still sustained the unremitting struggle, as well faced, tackled and tolerated the all varieties of internal and external conspiracies. The legendry leaders, Hameed Baloch ,Majeed Baloch ,Javeed Aktar, Altaf Baloch, Kamber Chakar, Raza Jahangeer, Comrade Qayum, Warna Norouz and many others youth of BSO dedicated their lives on this long journey but couldn’t let the Baloch movement lay its way towards the enemies. Today as well the leaders of BSO in contours of, Zahid Baloch,Zakir Majeed, Sanaullah, Hassam, Naseer Ahmed are in the brute custodies to face the torture cells of the opponent nonetheless their vision and wisdom hoisted the flag of BSO hovering. We are from that lucky race that today we exist to celebrate the fiftieth foundation day of BSO. The spokesperson further said that the zones from Balochistan and foreign on the eve of fiftieth foundation day conduct various programs to let BSO feels a pervasiveness of pride over it.