Literary and social services of Anwar Sahib Khan and Gous Bakhsh Bahar will always be remembered: BSO Azad


Literary and social services of Anwar Sahib Khan and Gous Bakhsh Bahar will always be remembered: BSO Azad

Baloch Students Organization Azad Central Spokesperson expressed deep sorrow and grief over the demise of the Baloch poet-litterateur-artist Anwar Sahib Khan and linguist-poet Gous Bakhsh Bahar, and said that by the demise of these personalities, Baloch people are deprived of such humanist, nationalist and knowledge lovers who have passed the bigger part of their life in the service of the literature and struggled for the revivalism of the Baloch society. Their literary and social services will always be remembered.

While paying tribute to late Anwar Sahib Khan and Gous Bakhsh Bahar, spokesperson said that Anwar Sahib Khan was a nationalist; the center of his poetry and art was Baloch people. He presented evils and oppression of the Baloch society by his talents of poetry and art in a very remarkable manner. Due to these services, the state also made him the subject of disappearance and torture, but he always continued his struggle to incense the Baloch society by his power of pen and knowledge.

The linguist- litterateur-poet Gous Bakhsh Bahar had the emotion of Baloch nationalism and motherland in his heart that he expressed by his poetry and writings. Late Gous Bakhsh wrote articles and dialogues for the progress and promotion of Balochi language. For the promotion of politics of nationalism, he also wrote political essays. Gous Bakhsh Bahar faced economic distress and jail for his literary services, but he faced all those hardships and continued paying his services.

In the end of the statement, Central Spokesperson termed the attempt of the Punjab police to term Baloch and Pushtun students as terrorist as a conspiracy to shut the doors to education for Baloch and Pushtun students, and spokesperson added that Baloch and Pushtun students should promote unity among them and continue their journey of gain of education and become each other’s support in time of hardships.