Karima Baloch called Baloch youth’s extra-judicial arrests and illegal confinements in torture cells as ‘open violation of the Geneva Convention.

In a statement issued by the Baloch Students Organization (BSO)-Azad’s chairperson, Karima Baloch, she stated that BSO-Azad has conducted a six-day-long awareness drive in front of Toronto’s Legislative Assembly, in which the Canadian public representatives, civil society and individuals belonging to various walks of life have been informed regarding Pakistan’s brutalities in occupied Balochistan, and, in this regard, a ‘signature campaign’ has also been run.
In particular, the abductions and arrests of central secretary-general BSO-Azad Sanaullah Baloch, Hassam Baloch, Naseer Ahmed Baloch, member Balochistan National Movement (BNM) Rafiq Baloch, secretary information Baloch Human Rights Organization (BHRO) Nawaz Atta, and other Baloch individuals at the hands of Pakistani forces and the continuing atrocities of the state were focused upon. BSO-Azad’s media representative Lateef Johar Baloch, BNM-North America’s leader Dr Zafar Baloch, Imtiaz Baloch and others have participated in this campaign.
Karima Baloch said that Pakistan has always been attempting to target BSO-Azad as a disciplined caravan of ideological Baloch youth. BSO-Azad’s ideological leaders and workers have been targeted in every era in order to weaken the roots of the Organization but the state has failed in such attempts. As these Baloch youth are equipped with strict organizational discipline and political consciousness, it is mere wishful thinking on part of the state that such youngsters could be made to cease their activities through instilling fear or offering privileges.
Moreover, Karima Baloch added that during their awareness campaign, the documents detailing cases of Baloch ‘missing persons’ have been dispatched to all the ministers, opposition leaders and members of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. These documents contain evidences and appeal for quick action to be taken for all the missing persons. These include Baloch students abducted from their homes and educational institutions and even during travel, and especially the recent forced disappearances of BSO-Azad’s central leaders Sanaullah Baloch, Hassam Baloch, Naseer Ahmed Baloch, BNM’s member Rafiq Baloch, BHRO’s leader Nawaz Atta and eight-year old Aftab. Moreover, the dispatched documents will inform the Legislative Assembly’s members regarding Pakistani security forces’ brutal activities in Balochistan and Pakistan’s extremist policies in the region.
Karima Baloch demanded Canada and all other influential countries to play their due role in restoring peace in Balochistan and the wider region by bringing an end to Pakistan’s occupation of the Baloch land and intervening against Pakistani neo-colonial policies.
Karima Baloch further said that Pakistani security forces have been illegally entering colleges and universities in Balochistan and abducting Baloch students. She lamented that the international ‘torchbearers’ of human rights, however, have turned a blind eye to these inhuman acts and chosen to remain silent.
At the end, Karima Baloch asserted that BSO-Azad’s awareness campaign will continue internationally, and the schedule will be announced soon.