Fully support Pushtun’s struggle against Pakistan: BSO-Azad


Baloch Students Organizations-Azad (BSO-Azad) Central Spokesperson said in the issued statement that the Pushtun Tahafuz Movement (Pushtun Protection Movement) and struggle of the Pushtun nation for their rights is a positive step. Pushtun practiced their historical traditions by raising voice against Pakistani atrocities.
Pushtun had always defended their homeland and nation against the occupier powers. Today, Pakistan is not only committing Pushtun genocide, but also attempting to end their national existence. Islamabad sit-in and Pushtun Protection Movement are the expression of hate against Pakistani atrocities and barbarism by Pushtun nation.
Pakistan is not only exploiting Baloch, while Pushtun, Sindhi and other oppressed nations are also being exploited racially, economically and politically. All oppressed nations of this region should make ways smoother for a joint struggle against Pakistan.
Pakistan had attempted to create enmity among the nations in past in order to prolong its occupation on the homelands of these oppressed nations, and today also it is trying to create distances among them by its agents, but none of such attempts of Pakistan will be successful, because struggle of Baloch, Pushtun and Sindhi will fail all such conspiracies of Pakistan, and this struggle will make the historical ties among these nations strong.
Today, the Baloch nation is embattled in struggle against the Pakistani occupation. Balochistan has converted into a war-torn region. The Baloch nation is running the struggle with continuation. Pakistan despite testing its all power is still failed to end the national struggle, and we consider it as the success of the Baloch nation.
Pakistan’s barbarism on Baloch and Pushtun is similar. Attempts have been made to mutilate our history and civilization, and massacre of our educated youth is also continued. Our teachers, intellectuals and political activists including people of all walks of life are not saved from Pakistani atrocities.
Despite building educational institutions, military camps are built in Baloch and Pushtun areas. Pakistan has used all means of explication against us, and this explication is continued till today. Today, it is necessary to have a joint struggle against this barbarism.
Today, it is the need of hour that Pushtun leaders should form a strong movement by organizing Pushtun nation on the basis of nationalism. It is in the favor of the oppressed nations if the Pushtun nation will begin their struggle against Pakistan, and we fully support Pushtun’s struggle against Pakistan and will be with them shoulder to shoulder in the struggle. National survival of Pushtun and Baloch nations exists in the emancipation from Pakistan.