Extremely condemn the genocide of Hazara community: BSO-Azad


Quetta:  The central spokesperson of Baloch Students Organization-Azad (BSO-A) in an issued statement extremely condemned the genocide of the Hazara community in Balochistan, and added that the state of Pakistan is targeting the Hazara community under its organized policy through its sponsored religious human killing groups. The Killing of Hazara community is an open violation of human rights and a heinous conspiracy for the counter of the Baloch movement.
Pakistan has been committing the genocide of the Hazara community by target killing and suicide attacks through its sponsored religious extremist groups since last two decades in Balochistan. The attack on the Hazara community is aimed to link the Baloch national movement to religious extremism, to misguide the international community and to make ground for the use of military power on the Baloch population.
The spokesperson said that such incidents, in a city like Quetta where check points are available on every few steps, verifies the speculations that the involved elements of these incidents have the complete supervision of the state of Pakistan. On the other hand, Pakistan is trying to gain its heinous objectives by planting the seeds of religious sectarianism in Balochistan.
The spokesperson on the end the statement said that the unto-death hunger strike decision of Jalila Haider, a Hazara activist, against the Hazara genocide is an ideal and historic decision, and BSO-Azad supports it.