Dera Bugti Operation is the black day in history: BSO Azad

Dera Bugti Operation is the black day in history: BSO Azad

The Central Spokesperson Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO-A) with strongest words condemns the 17th March 2005’s Operation of Dera Bugti and added that 17thMarch is a horrible and unforgettable day in the Baloch national history.

On this day, the state of Pakistan killed more than 70 people through its fighter jets and heavy artillery’s bombardments where children and women were in a great number among the killed ones. The 17th March will always be remembered as a black day in the Baloch history.

The Spokesperson said that the attack of 17thMarch was in fact the display of state fear towards the Baloch national freedom struggle, and due to this fear the state has continued its full scale military operations in entire Balochistan.

The enforced disappearance incidents of children and women and the incidents of their extrajudicial killings are on the records which are clear proves of the war crimes, and ignoring such crimes is like putting the humanity in great danger.         

The Baloch national struggle has been under the strongest attempts of its suppression through power and barbarism since last 70 years, but the Baloch activists and strugglers have kept their struggle continued before the state barbarism by establishing the history of struggle and sacrifices.   

The Spokesperson added that the international powers and the United Nations like responsible institutions have to break their silence over the state barbarism in Balochistan because their silence and ignorance has converted Balochistan into a battlefield where the Baloch nation, having a history of thousands of years, is compelled to face the worst oppression.

The international community has to make the state elements, involved in war crimes in Balochistan, accountable and to compel them to be answerable over the genocide of the Baloch nation because the survival of humanity exists in the provision of justice.