Condemns military operations in Bolan, Kolwah, Mashkay, Dasht, Balochistan’s condition isn’t different from condition of Middle East’s war-torn countries: BSO-Azad


Baloch Students Organization-Azad (BSO-A) Central Spokesperson condemned the military operations in Bolan, Kolwah, Mashkay and Dasht, and added that Balochistan is the war-torn region of South Aisa, and its condition is not different from the condition of the war-torn countries of Middle East.

For the success of China Paksitan Economic Corridor (CPEC), Pakistan has begun implementation on the long-term plan of Baloch genocide as a nation. With the Chinese military and economic aid, Pakistan is using modern weapons on Baloch people in Balochistan.

Pakistan Army has crossed all limits of tyranny in entire Balochistan where human residents are in severe aerial attacks, and No Baloch family is saved from the barbarism of Pakistan Army. Dozens of people were arrested and then shifted to undisclosed locations during the high intensified military operation in Bolan this week.

According to the local sources, Badho Mazarani, Shadi Gull Challghari, Meshdar Sumalani, Gull Hassan Sumalani, Lalu Mazarani and Gulab Khan Mazarani, Hazal Khan Mazarani, Fazal Khan Mazarani; all are brothers, Murad Ali Langhani and his son Aaporsi Lalu Peerdhani’s two young siblings have been disappeared from Kaman, Gadang, Buzgar and Garbouk areas of Bolan.

While Haji Uzair Sumalani 40; a livestock holder, Jlmb son of Thour Khan Mazarani 43; a livestock holder, Jumma Khan Mohammad Hassani 75; a shepherd, Peeru Mohammad Hassani 80; a farmer, Apodhsi Mohammad Hassani 42; a farmer, Ghazo Sumalani 35; a livestock holder, Akbar Sumalani 40; a livestock holder, Temour Khan 38; a farmer, Sheru Khan son of Temour Khan 30, a livestock holder have been disappeared from Indus Chaladi area of Bolan.

Earlier forces themselves verified the arrest and detention of 20 people to undisclosed location who belong to different areas of Bolan. On previous day, severe aerial bombardment was started on Shandi, Barkhandh, Tanzila and other areas of Kolwah which is continued with pauses.

According to the reports received from different areas, aerial bombardment has destroyed at least 40 houses, while there are reports of the casualties too. According to the local sources, several people were arrested and then were shifted to unknown locations; majority of them are injured. While army has completely sealed Sanitary, Ronjhan, Newani, Ghajli, Nali, Ghar Houk, Kahlan, Zang, Pathendar; areas of Mahskay, and made women and children the subject to torture during the military operations and several people have been arrested and were then shifted to army camps too.

It is to be clear that severe military operations are continued with intervals in Mashkay. On previous day, Dadamb and Sahiji areas of Dasht were in siege and transportation of the residents was restricted, and more military camps are being established in these areas. It is to be clear that forces have put this area in its complete siege since January 6.

Spokesperson further said that the barbarism of the Paksitan Army has reached to its peak in entire Balochistan, and life of common Baloch citizens is not saved in any condition. Spokesperson condemned the media and said that the local media has become the partner of the state crimes.  Local media is equally responsible for the Baloch genocide too, and on the other hand the international media is also completely ignoring the war-torn Balochistan which is the violation of journalistic principles and ethics. The silence of international media and civilized countries over the situation of Balochistan is providing more energy to the wild state of Paksitan to continue the Baloch genocide with full scale.

Spokesperson appealed to all influential countries of the world that Paksitan is extremely violating the international human rights laws. The influential countries of the world should review their policies about the religious extremist countries like Paksitan, and should impose economic bans on Paksitan.