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B.S.O. Azaad faces yet another abduction of its member

Baloch Student Organization Azaad, a platform for Baloch students to politically work for the Independence of Motherland Balochistan and to raise the human rights violations in Balochistan, has been one of the major targets of Pakistan (Punjabi) army. Dozens of its members are presently in the custody Pakistan army, out of ...

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Member Bso Azad Abducted From Quetta

Mr. Hai Bezinjo Baloch, resident of Mashkay and a student of social works at Balochistan University were abducted by Pakistan army. Hai Baloch, also a member of B.S.O. Azaad, was taken off a bus in Shaal by Pakistan army and was thrashed in front of all the people present in ...

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Junior Joint Secretary B.S.O. Azaad Abducted.

Junior Joint Secretary of B.S.O. Azaad, Mr. Shafi Baloch has been abducted by the Pakistan’s secret agencies while he was on his way back from a public gathering at Balochistan Medical College, Shaal.  5 p.m. of 7th of November proved to be a time when an addition was made on ...

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