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Today pakistani military started bombardment and ground operation in Kolwah, Mashkay and Geechk areas in Balochistan on same time the military air forces aggressively continuing bombardment on these areas. BSO Azad

The central spokesperson of BSO (Azad) stated in recent statement that Pakistani  state brings new tactics in Baloch Genocide by military operations in different areas of Balochistan. Today pakistani military started bombardment and ground operation in Kolwah, Mashkay and Geechk areas in Balochistan on same time the military air forces ...

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Karima Baloch called Baloch youth’s extra-judicial arrests and illegal confinements in torture cells as ‘open violation of the Geneva Convention.

In a statement issued by the Baloch Students Organization (BSO)-Azad’s chairperson, Karima Baloch, she stated that BSO-Azad has conducted a six-day-long awareness drive in front of Toronto’s Legislative Assembly, in which the Canadian public representatives, civil society and individuals belonging to various walks of life have been informed regarding Pakistan’s ...

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Baloch Students Organization (BSO)-Azad continues its six-day awareness campaign in Canada on the fourth day by highlighting the abduction and forced disappearance of its central leaders, young Baloch students and children in Karachi. 

In this awareness Campaign drive by BSO-Azad, pamphlets and leaflets have been distributed and a ‘signature campaign’ has been conducted to highlight the abductions and forced disappearances of the Baloch political workers and other Baloch individuals by Pakistani security forces and secret agencies. BSO-Azad’s chairperson, Karima Baloch, while informing the ...

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The Chairperson Karima Baloch, Lateef Baloch and member of BNM Dr. Zafar Baloch had a meeting with political member, lawyer and representative of Human Rights defender Mr.Bob Ray, The delegation informed Mr.Bob Ray about the current situation Abductions of  BSO Azad Central members,teenage students and other human rights activist who were recently Enforced Disappeared by Pakistani security Agencies and highlighted the worst abusing of human rights in Baluchistan.

Baloch student Organization Azad (BSO_ Azad) is running it’s six days awareness campaign against the abduction of Central Committee members along with teenagers and Baloch students who were forced disappeared by Pakistani security agencies, it’s been third day of awareness campaign in front of Legislative Assembly of Toronto. The Chairperson ...

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Over enforced disappearance and abduction of central leaders of organization along with adolescent children and young Baloch students, an awareness campaign of six days conceded on its second in front of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in Toronto from BSO-Azad.

On the second day of the awareness campaign, a signatory campaign has been initiated for the retrieval of BSO Azad’s central leaders and others abducted Baloch, pamphlets and leaflets distributed too. During the awareness campaign, the public representatives of Canada, civil society beside which various sphere of people have been ...

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Magnifecint symbol of revultionery

Baloch Student Organization Azad’s central spokesperson narrated in a broadcasted statement that on 26 November, the fiftieth foundation year of BSO is being completed. The fiftieth foundation day of BSO alongside Baloch youth and all revolutionary youth around glob is a day of prideful. In this universe BSO is a ...

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