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Banuk Karima Baloch raises issue of Baloch Missing Persons with Amnesty International during Protest March in Canada

The Baloch Students Organization (Azad) Chairperson Banuk Karima Baloch addressed the participants of the protest march regarding the serious human rights violations committed by the state authorities in Balochistan.  Banuk Karima Baloch said that every day in Balochistan; Baloch youth are being abducted without any due legal process and their ...

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First Central Committee meeting of Baloch Student Organization (Azad)

Baloch Student Organization Azad Chairperson Banuk Karima Baloch presided over the first BSO-Azad Central Committee meeting.  During the meeting; organizational issues, political situation, current agendas and upcoming action plans were discussed.  The meeting commenced following two minutes of silence to honor the sacrifices of the Baloch martyrs. Addressing the meeting ...

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Baloch political activists and innocent civilians are being killed to secure the foreign investments in Balochistan: BSO Azad

The BSO-Azad condemned the state’s use of military force, including local warlords and criminal gangs of the (state) National Party to counter the independence movement. The BSO-Azad spokesperson said that the killing of five Baloch sons in Mashkay is the latest act of state terrorism in Balochistan.  The continuous dumping ...

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All the Pakistan state institutions including the media is under military control: BSO Azad

The BSO-Azad spokesperson denounced the ongoing military operations in Balochistan.  All the Pakistan state institutions including the media is under military control. The resignation of Rashid Rehman, editor of the daily Times newspaper; in reaction to the forcible closure of columns published by Baloch intellectuals, writers, and other progressive writers ...

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In past three years, we have experienced many difficulties but BSO-Azad has come a long way in this time. Karima Baloch in 20th Council Session

At the 20th session of the BSO-Azad National Council Meeting, members paid respects to Baba Marri, Shahid Raza Jihangeer, Shafi Baloch, Comrade Qayyum Baloch, Shakoor Baloch, Kamal Baloch, Akram Baloch, and the countless Baloch martyrs in the freedom struggle.  Members also expressed concerns for those such as BSO-Azad Chairman Zahid ...

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