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In past three years, we have experienced many difficulties but BSO-Azad has come a long way in this time. Karima Baloch in 20th Council Session

At the 20th session of the BSO-Azad National Council Meeting, members paid respects to Baba Marri, Shahid Raza Jihangeer, Shafi Baloch, Comrade Qayyum Baloch, Shakoor Baloch, Kamal Baloch, Akram Baloch, and the countless Baloch martyrs in the freedom struggle.  Members also expressed concerns for those such as BSO-Azad Chairman Zahid ...

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International Community continues to watch silently and the occupier state accelerates her war crimes in Balochistan: BSO Azad

The Baloch Student Organization (Azad) spokesperson condemned the systematic military operations in Mashkay and several different areas of Balochistan.  The BSO-Azad spokesperson said that innocent Baloch youth are being taken into state custody, subjected to torture, and their mutilated bodies thrown away.  On November 19th in Mashkay area the mutilated ...

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China’s recent investments to procure Baloch land & resources has motivated the occupier state to invoke Baloch genocide: BSO Azad

  The BSO Azad central spokesperson condemned in the strongest terms the occupier forces recent military operations on November 10th in Jahoo, Balochistan.  During a series of intense military operations two unarmed political activists were shot and killed by occupier forces.  The victims were identified as BSO-Azad worker Mukhtar Baloch ...

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