Admissions of Makuran, Jhalawan and Loralahi medical colleges should be announced very soon: BSO Azad

Admissions of Makuran, Jhalawan and Loralahi medical colleges should be announced very soon: BSO Azad

The Central Spokesperson Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO-A) in the issued statement expressed concerns over non-issuance of admissions, despite of taking their admission tests and interviews of Makuran, Jhalawan and Loralahi medical colleges. Despite passing several months, non-issuance of admissions is a conspiracy to make students suffer of anxiety, added the spokesperson.

Bolan University of Medical and Health Sciences (BUMHS), Health Department and Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) are creating issues in these medical colleges deliberately, so that the students would be disappointed of educational institutions and quit their educational career.

The spokesperson added that the state has been implementing over the policies to create distrust among Baloch students for educational institutions and the state is using different tactics to maintain the sequence of its policies which include conversion of educational institutions into military camps, creation of different issues in higher educational institutions including issues of hostels and admissions. Use of all tactics is aimed to keep Baloch students away from education deliberately or they themselves quit education in compulsion.

 The spokesperson said to Baloch students that you have to continue your education in any condition because it is education which opens the door to consciousness and preaches us to struggle over intellectual bases. Until the Baloch students do not struggle on intellectual bases till then they won’t be able to understand the policies and negative tactics of state and cannot be able to defend their motherland.

The women in Balochistan are being kept at a distance to education under a designed plan, Mustang girls’ school incidents are linked to religious extremism: BSO Azad

The Central Spokesperson Baloch Students Organization Azad expressed grave concerns over the Mustang girls’ school incidents, and further said that the women in Balochistan are being kept at a distance to education under a designed conspiracy. Before these incidents, incidents of acid attacks and several other incidents of attacks on women have occurred in Balochistan as well.      

More than 400 girls have been affected due to the mysterious chemical spray in three different girls’ schools in Mustang during last 10 days. These incidents have suffered parents of students in extreme psychological pressure and fear and caused them to stop sending their children to schools.

The Spokesperson further said that the religious extremists have tried to keep the women away from education through their threatening pamphlets in different areas of Balochistan before these incidents while the administrations of those relevant educational institutions have faced threats too.

The University Bus of Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University Quetta was attacked through explosive devices in June 2013 which killed several students while threatening pamphlets of similar nature were distributed in educational institutions of Panjgur in 2014. In Mustang, threatening pamphlets have been distributed for keeping girls away from education two months ago. The state has fully ignored all these incidents and this deliberate ignorance of these incidents indicate that the state of Pakistan is directly involved in promotion of religious extremism in Balochistan.

The state wants to complete its requisite objectives through the promotion of religious extremism. For the implementation of its heinous policies, the state is targeting girls in order to keep them away from education and these are the attempts to take the Baloch society towards conservatism and religious extremism.    

The spokesperson told the Baloch people that the state is promoting the religious extremism since day one in order to affect our progressive thoughts, national history and national civilization. Therefore, we should understand the state conspiracies and struggles against them consciously.

28th May: The Black Day

Respected World!

A nation passes through political, economical, and social demolition when a tyrant oppressor occupies its land. In response, the subjugated nation resists the occupation and the injustices but the oppressed nation also pays a high price for that resistance.

Unfortunately, the Baloch nation is among those oppressed nations of world which is subjugated in 21st century. On 27th March 1948, the newly born state of Pakistan snatched the sovereignty of Baloch. Since 1948, Baloch has been struggling for its national freedom in different phases. Since then, the entire nation has been facing the worst form of human rights violations in the shape of Baloch genocide, enforced disappearances and barbaric nuclear experiments near the Baloch populated areas; the list of state crimes is very lengthy. Due to this occupation, Baloch faces political, social and economic downfall today and the facts of the national miseries are heartrending.  

The world history is witness that how the population of Hiroshima and Nagasaki had suffered after the attacks of the nuclear bombs. The world should know that the Baloch land, Ras Koh Chaghi , has also suffered nuclear attacks by state of Pakistan but no one dares to ask Pakistan for this unpardonedcrime.  

On 28th May 1998, Pakistan conducted series of nuclear tests at Ras koh, Chagai. The testing of other nuclear weapons was followed on 30th May that year which made Pakistan a nuclear power but the people of Chaghi couldn’t save their lives, the upcoming generation, the standing crops and livestock from those intermittent hazardous radiations of the explosives. Since then cancer, immature deaths, congenital defects, drought, malnutrition and ignorance has become the fate of Chaghi. 

The pure Uranium, Yellow Cake, which is used as the fuel of nuclear weapons are obtained after by the constriction of Yellow Cake Plant in Bagalchur village of Dera Gazi Khan (DG Khan). Historically, DG Khan is a part of Balochistan but administratively it is present in Punjab today. DG Khan is a densely populated city of Baloch people. In order to produce nuclear fuel for the nuclear weapons of Pakistan, pure Uranium is extracted from DG Khan leaving the radioactive wastes for the Baloch people of the area which has caused serious concerns regarding health. The issue was later taken up by some residents of the area to the Supreme Court of Pakistan but the state still continues to do so.  

Recently, on 23rd May this year, Pakistan has conducted test of its ballistic missiles. According to the local people, test was conducted near the Koh-e-Sulaiman range and the Baloch population was threatened to leave their homes. This is an inhuman manner of state which is particularly used to deal with people of its colony. This criminal act has disturbed the residents psychologically.

Furthermore, the emission of harmful substances contributes in global warming as well but Pakistan doesn’t care about anything. This state insensitivity doesn’t end here because the state has planted the Hubco Power Plant at Hub Chowki Balochistan which is near the population and it is really enough to put the life of Baloch people at a greater risk. On the other hand, the generation of millions of tons of unmanaged wastes from this plant is more hazardous that results unexpected diseases with in the nation.

Meanwhile Pakistan has been engaged to implement the 600MW coal power plant at Gaddani, Balochistan. Gaddani is located at coastal belt of Balochistan near to Lasbela; the agriculture zone of Balochistan. The 600MW coal power plant will just destroy the coastal belt and agriculture zone of Balochistan. 

According to the Digital Globe Image, Pakistan has constructed secure underground complex reserves in Khuzdar including the deserts of Balochistan and these reserves can serve as the storage site of ballistic missile and nuclear warhead of state.  

Alas! All these crystal clear policies are being ignored by the civilized world. The population of entire Balochistan including Chaghi, Dera Ghazi Khan and Khuzdar are complaining of rare diseases—skin cancer is the most common caused by the ionized rays. The people of these areas were unaware of such diseases before these experiments but now the entire generation is facing such unfamiliar diseases by birth.

After 28th May 1998, the land of Chaghi couldn’t become green again. A generation of Baloch nation with their livestock and standing crops faced an indirect violence. Pakistan has disabled and handicapped an entire generation of Balochistan by means of its silent nuclear power experiments. But the further silence of world despite of this alarming situation questions that who will dare to ask Pakistan over the crimes done to Baloch nation and to the Baloch land. The negligence of United Nations and rest of the civilized world has put Baloch nation on the edge of destruction and their continuous negligence will only further encourage the state of Pakistan to commit such crime with international impunity and enjoy the destruction of Baloch land and the nation for its existence.
Baloch Students Organization Azad

An awareness campaign will be held whole week on the occasion of Baloch Missing Persons Day, the students of all oppressed nations are appealed to participate in it: BSO Azad

The Central Spokesperson Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO-A) announced to hold an awareness campaign on the occasion of 8thJune Baloch Missing Persons Day (BMPD) whole week, and added that the issue of enforced disappearances has gotten a very serious direction in Balochistan. One of the main targets of the enforced disappearances is Baloch students but the names of Baloch women are also getting enlisted in this list very rapidly. This new trend is highly worrisome while the mutilated biddies of the missing persons are being recovered with continuity.

The Spokesperson added that Balochistan is completely suffering from the human rightscrisis today. The military of the state of Pakistan does not only enforcedly disappear the people but also is killing the political prisoners in fake encounters and is engaged in dumping of their bodies. Furthermore, these extrajudicially killed missing persons are declared as militant or are buried without DNA test and any identification process just by pronouncing them heirless persons in order to get as an excuse for neutralizing these cases. The bodies of thousands of youth have been dumped in different areas since last few years and hundreds of unrecognizable bodies are also included among them, and this situation causes the relatives of missing persons to be in severe mental torture.

The Spokesperson further said that the enforced disappearance of Zakir Majeed Baloch, the former senior vice chairman of organization, is going to be of one decade on this 8th June of 2019. A student leader has been kept in custody without any crime and evidence for last ten years. For the recovery of Zakir Majeed, his family and the organization are on protest since last one decade but he hadn’t made surfaced so far and the family is also not given any information in this regarded.     

The enforced disappearances of dozen of political activists including Dr. Deen Mohammed, Ramzan Baloch, Ali Asghar Bangulzai, Sami Mengal  and hundreds of common Baloch has passed the duration of more than one decade. The missing persons are neither being recovered nor being produced before the courts despite the peaceful long marches and protests by the relatives of the Baloch missing persons and Baloch political and human rights organizations for their alive and safe recovery. 

The Spokesperson said that an awareness campaign will be held whole week from 2ndJune till 8th on the eve of BMPD and completion of one decade of Zakir Majeed’s enforced disappearance. Therefore all the oppressed nations; Pushtun, Sindhi and Muhajir, including the humanist and particularly the students are appealed are to particulate in this campaign of ours and raise an organized and an effective voice for the victims of the enforced disappearances of Baloch and all other oppressed nations’.

The international institutions should assess the devastation caused by the atomic attacks in Chaghi: BSO Azad

The Central Spokesperson Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO-A) said in the issued statement that the radiation had spread in a wide range of the area due to the atomic experiments on a piece of the Baloch land, Chaghi, and its impacts are still present over there.  Several villages which are consist of a population of more than 100,000 face water shortage due to those nuclear experiments.  Different kinds of diseases have been surfaced so far and the radiation has destroyed the crops of the locals which worth billions of rupees while the residents are compelled to migrate from the effected villages due to the severe drought.  

The Spokesperson said that in accordance to the international laws no country is allowed to plant an atomic plant over a distance of 200 kilometer near a population, but Pakistan has planted the Hubco Power Plant like destructive plants near the Baloch populations and the state smashed the human values by conducting atomic experiments in Chaghi and on the other hand Pakistan is implementing on the dangerous Ghaddani Coal Power Plant like projects as well. The state has been using the Baloch land as its atomic experiment lab.     

“The livestock and herding are the sources of income for the people of Chaghi and its vicinity, but those nuclear attacks caused killing of the livestock and destroyed the crops that has deprived people of their sources of income. The Baloch land is full of resources but the people of Balochistan are completely deprived of the basic facilities of life. Schools, hospitals and other public institutions even do not exist. The resources of Balochistan are being used to conduct Baloch genocide and the atomic experiments had been used to promote such genocidal policies,” added the Central Spokesperson.   

Despite the international pressure, this state selected the Baloch land for its test zone and spread poison in the space of entire Balochistan by conducting those nuclear attacks at Raskoh, Chaghi that has caused cancer and several other illnesses.    

The Spokesperson said that they support references, protest demonstrations and the online campaign announced by the Baloch National Movement (BNM) and all of the activists are directed to fully participate in the references, protest demonstrations and the online campaign of BNM.

The free Baloch state will be the custodian of the labourers’ rights: BSO Azad

The free Baloch state will be the custodian of the labourers’ rights: BSO Azad  

The Central Spokesperson Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO-A) on the eve of Labor Day, 1st May, said that the role of laborers is highly important for the development of any country, nation and society, but in the state of Pakistan all classes including the laborers are deprived of their rights since the day one.

In Paksitan, the daily living of the laborer class is being worsened day by day, and the laborers are deprived of their basic facilities of life and their exploitation is on the peak.  

Talking on the historical background of the Labor Day, the Spokesperson said that the laborer of Chicago on 1st May 1886 were on the roads due to the exploitation of the capitalists, industrialists and exploitative class, but the police fired on that peaceful procession and killed and injured hundreds of laborers while dozens were hanged because of raising their voice in favor of their rights. Since then, the Labor Day is observed on 1st May each year. Observing the Labor Day each year is aimed to remind the laborers to fight for their rights against the exploitative and colonizer classes.

The Spokesperson further said that observing this day is aimed for the laborers to raise their voice against the exploitative class and take practical measures too. The laborers are the unit of society and it is impossible to run the wheel of the development without them.  

All of the classes including laborers should become the part of Baloch national movement and they should struggle for their independence because the free Baloch state will only be the custodian of rights of all classes, said the Spokesperson.

Incidents of targeting women and children are being increased in war-torn Balochistan: BSO Azad

Incidents of targeting women and children are being increased in war-torn Balochistan: BSO Azad

The Central Spokesperson Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO-A) said in response to the recent conducted military operations in Perandar area of Awaran that the incidents of targeting women and children are being increased in the war-torn Balochistan. The state forces are enforcedly arresting and disappearing women and children as the means of collective punishment. The rapid increase in such incidents has generated an environment of fear among the citizens of Balochistan.

The Spokesperson said that the state military institutions have conducted series of military operations on a larger scale in Perandar, Zelag and Dhal Bedi areas of Awaran. During the search operations, the state forces have violated the international laws, extrajudicially arrested 11 persons and have shifted them to an undisclosed location.

The victims of the Perandar enforced disappearances have been identified as Abdul Haye; Shehnaz, daughter of Abdul Haye; Farhad, one-year-old, son of Shehnaz; Sanam, daughter of Shehnaz; Nazul, another women; Ejaz, 10-year-old, son of Nazul; Mahdeem, 10-day-old infant.

On the other hand, Dr. Nazeer son of Esa and Shahbeer son of Ghulam Jan have also been enforcedly disappeared during the military operations in Dhal Bedi and have been shifted to an unknown location too.

The enforced disappearances of women and children, the violent incidents and massacre in Balochistan are one of the worst examples of the state aggression.

The Spokesperson said about the media that the so-called free and unbiased media in reality is working as a subsidiary institution of Pakistan Army. The biasness of media forces it not to report such heart wrenching incidents happening in Balochistan. While the champions of Baloch rights-the representatives of such parties which are present in parliament-have adopted silence over such barbarism which is continued in Balochistan because of the few timely privileges.

The Spokesperson said that the silence of the international human rights institutions is highly questionable because their silence is encouraging the state of Pakistan for further barbarism and violence. We once more humbly appeal to the human rights defenders and international institutions to immediately take actions and play role for the stoppage of enforced disappearances of women and children and usage of force against them.

The environment of Balochistan University is the worst example of the colonial era: BSO Azad

The environment of Balochistan University is the worst example of the colonial era: BSO Azad

Sunday, April 14, 2019

The Central Spokesperson Baloch Students Organization Azad expressed concerns over the devastation of University of Balochistan and said that the Balochistan University is completely suffering of administrative, academic and educational crises, and the military institutions have seized all of its control into their hands.

The students are humiliated by using the excuse of security. The university has been converted into a big jail whereas the cafeterias have been closed and allotment of the rooms in hostels has been stopped while using the same excuse of security.

The Spokesperson said that being a student is like the selection of a dangerous life in Balochistan. Students of Balochistan face state barbarism from their homes till their educational institutions. The educational institutions play the basic role in generation and development of the human consciousness while students are also passed through the phases of research for the further improvement of social, political and economic systems, and students become familiarize to the debate and conversation like skills which provide the critical conscious that enables to give birth to the revolutionary movements against the outdated system, but the educational institutions of Balochistan—with the presence of military institutions and environment of fear—are making students as psychological patients.

Spokesperson further said that the environment of Balochistan University is the worst example of the colonial era. The student politics has been practically excluded from the university premises. There is complete dominance of the exhaust in university where no one exits to ask about the well being of the students.

In University of Balochistan, the selected persons of the military institutions have been deployed on the important designations and these selected persons just torture students mentally. The process of entry of students in the university till their classes has become the process is of their humiliation and mental torture.     

The spokesperson said that the state military institutions have seized the complete control of the university by using the excuse of security which has ruined the future of students, but it is very disappointing that the professors and lectures of university have become silent spectators despite the conversation of biggest university of Balochistan into a military cantonment. The students and teachers of Balochistan should get them out of the environment of fear and exhaust and they have to raise their voice for the safety of their future.

Baloch mothers die of waiting for their loved ones: BSO Azad

Baloch mothers die of waiting for their missing loved ones: BSO Azad

Central Spokesperson Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO-A) expressed deep sorrow over the demise of missing Mehr Gul Marri’s mother and added that the security institutions enforcedly disappeared the Deputy Director Agriculture from his home on mid night of 2015.

Since then, his mother and complete family have been struggling for his recovery and his mother remained ill for a long time due to his non-recovery that died of these sorrows on previous day. 

Spokesperson further said that the state oppression and barbarism are on the peak since many years. Military operations, mutilated bodies, target killing of teacher, acid attacks on women and conversion of educational institutions into military camps with aims of closing doors of education to the  Baloch students are the continuity of the filthy policies of Pakistani state which are gaining intensity on daily basis— these are few top  examples of the state oppressions. 

The spokesperson said that several mothers, sisters and wives are extremely worried due to non-recovery of their loved ones including the state oppression, and like mother of Mehr Gul Marri, several other mothers have died of waiting for their missing loved ones, too. 

Spokesperson said to the international human rights institutions and United Nations that their silence is providing a justification to the barbaric policies of the state of Pakistan. Therefore, these international institutions should break their silence and provide justice to the Baloch nation.

Pay tribute to the Martyrs of Murghap’s sacrifices: BSO Azad

Pay tribute to the Martyrs of Murghap’s sacrifices: BSO Azad

The Central Spokesperson Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO-A) on the eve of the 10th Martyrdom Anniversary of the Martyrs of Murghap said that the Pakistani secret services enforcedly disappeared the Chairman of Baloch National Movement, Chairman Ghulam Mohammad, and his two colleagues, Lala Muneer Baloch and Sher Mohammad, from Turbat on April 3, 2009 and dumped their severely mutilated bodies on April 9 that year.     

Martyrs of Murghap vitalized the feeling of independence in Baloch nation through their everlasting sacrifices, struggle and leading capabilities. The Martyrs of Murghap and thousands of other strugglers/activists of Balochistan sacrificed their precious lives for the Baloch national identity, independence of the Baloch country and for the prosper life of the coming generations of Baloch nation where they should be free of the national slavery. Including that, their sacrifices were also aimed to get the ownership of their homeland and to give an eternal life to the Baloch traditions, language and identity. And, the philosophy of the Martyrs of Murghap was to avail themselves for their identity and country.

The Spokesperson further said that the incident of the Martyrs of Murghap was the beginning of the ‘Kill-and-Dump’ policy of the state which was followed by an escalated and fierce Baloch genocide.

In the Baloch genocide, thousands of youth, elders, political activists, students, laborers and doctors were extrajudicially arrested and then disappeared including the women and children who were/are illegally detained in the state torture cells for years.

 Several mutilated bodies of the illegally-arrested youth have been dumped, and the Kill-and-Dump policy is continued with rapidity till today where the arrest-cum-disappearance of women and children has been sped up. The extrajudicial detention leading to the disappearance of women is taking place on daily basis, too.

The Spokesperson said that we support Baloch National Movement’s announced references that will be conducted for remembrance and tribute of the Martyrs of Murghap, and all of our activists are requested to attend the references of Baloch National Movement in a large number.