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Unveiling arrest of missing Hasnain Baloch from Karachi is a failed attempt of state to hide its crimes: BSO Azad

The Central Spokesperson Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO-A) condemned unveiling of missing Hasnain Baloch son of Abdul Qayoum Baloch’s arrest from Karachi and declaring him as a terrorist who was disappeared from Quetta by the state of Pakistan.The spokesperson added that the state is implementing on its conspiracies which are ...

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The Baloch Missing Persons Issue and Silence of UN

For last 2 months, Baloch mothers along with their infants and children are protesting in front of the Quetta Press Club (QPC) for the safe recovery of their beloved ones. Temperature in Quetta is dropping regularly which is affecting the health of organizers as well as the participants. In this ...

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The 20th December and International Human Solidarity Day

The 20th December and International Human Solidarity Day There are about 17 Sustainable Developmental Goals which have been introduced by the UN to achieve a better and sustainable future for all.The 20th December, a day of action to encourage new initiatives for the eradication of poverty, hunger and disease. We ...

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