Canada: Baloch Students Organization (BSO)-Azad begins six-day awareness campaign in Toronto


The campaign will be run against the enforced disappearances of BSO’s central leaders and the young Baloch students abducted from Karachi on 28 October, 2017.

BSO-Azad distributed pamphlets and leaflets today in front of the ‘Legislative Assembly of Ontario’ in Toronto as part of the first stage of the awareness campaign. In this regard, a ‘signature campaign’ has also been launched. This is aimed at raising awareness against the enforced disappearances of BSO-Azad’s leaders and workers, abductions of the Baloch people and use of military might against Baloch civilians .The spokesperson of BSO-Azad said in a statement that The aim is also to highlight before the civilized community the China-Pakistan nexus, Baloch genocide, military operations, Pakistani state’s atrocities against the Baloch people, and occupation of Balochistan by force.

According to the spokesperson of BSO-Azad, the civilized nations must not remain silent anymore on the Baloch genocide and should pressure Pakistan through its public representatives regarding its cruel violations of human rights. The central spokesperson stated that the Baloch are also citizens of this world and they have been facing terrorism unleashed by the Pakistani state for the last 70 years. Moreover, the seeds of religious extremism are being sown in the secular Baloch society wherein the Pakistani state itself is backing religious fanatics.

Further, the secret agencies of the Pakistani forces and the army itself are involved in crimes against the Baloch people. They have been consistently abducting educated and vocal Baloch student leaders and workers, and torturing them in secret torture cells.

In this regard, the central spokesperson of BSO-Azad added that BSO has been ‘arming’ Baloch male and female students on an intellectual level, which is unbearable for a fascist and extremist state. This is why the process of abducting Baloch student, leaders and workers and turning them into mutilated bodies have been underway since 2005. This process is being accelerated with every passing day.

The spokesperson reiterated that BSO will raise awareness in various public places in Canada. The Canadian public will be informed about the brutalities of the Pakistani state in Balochistan, forced disappearances of the Baloch student leaders and other individuals, and ongoing military operations.