Burial of mutilated bodies without DNA identification test is a worrisome act: BSO Azad


Central Spokesperson Baloch Students Organization Azad expressed concerns over the discovery of ten mutilated bodies on previous days from the surrounding areas of Quetta, and added that the state institutions are mentally torture the relatives of Baloch missing persons by declaring the mutilated bodies unknown and burying them without DNA identification test. 
Since last two decades, the discovery of mutilated bodies of missing Baloch children, youth, women and elders including the students has gained severe intensity in Balochistan. 
Before this incident, mass graves or bodies have been discovered in Balochistan. In December 2013, approximately 170 mutilated bodies were discovered from a mass grave in Tutak, Khuzdar which were buried without any DNA identification test and were declared unknown, while mass graves have been discovered from Panjgur, Dera Bugti and other areas of Balochistan too.
The spokesperson said that we have severe concerns that the mutilated bodies which were discovered from surrounding areas of Quetta are of the Baloch missing persons. Since last two decades, state institutions have enforcedly disappeared thousands of people from Balochistan which is still continued with intensity, while hundreds of mutilated bodies of the Baloch missing person have been discovered.
On the basis of continuous violation of human rights in Balochistan by the state institutions, we say reliably that the state, in order to hide its severe crimes to world, buried the mutilated bodies without the DNA test and declared them unknown.    
The spokesperson added that the issue of mass graves and mutilated bodies discovery is becoming much severed, while the silence of international institutions along with international media is further reinforcing the state barbarism.
Therefore, we appeal to the United Nations, international representatives and international media that they, despite being silent, should make a fact finding mission, send it to Pakistan, and under their own supervision, collect DNA data of the mutilated bodies recovered from mass graves in different areas of Balochistan.