Baloch youth’s conscious struggle made colonial projects unsuccessful: BSO-Azad

Baloch Students Organization-Azad (BSO-A) central spokesperson said in the issued statement that the sense of deprivation is not the issue of Baloch youth, but the sense of subjugation is.
 The international seminar, entitled “Human Resource Management for Baloch Youth” was conducted in the collaboration of pro-army NGOs and Balochistan government. But the fact is, this seminar was aimed to keep the world in deception about Balochistan, because the so-called development has never been the issue of Baloch youth. Contrary to this, Baloch youth is struggling for the protection of national survival.
Spokesperson said that the participation of armed institutions’ representatives, high officials of civilian government, armed and civil bureaucracy institutions and pro-army journalists and intellectuals in the organized seminar is the testimony of the claim that Baloch youth is aware about the so-called development claims of state, and Baloch youth even have rejected them.
BSO-Azad central spokesperson said that the state armed institutions have made Balochistan a slaughter house on one hand, and have continued several projects by NGOs, religious parties and National Party like parties in order to counter the struggle for the national independence in Balochistan on the other hand.
The above mentioned agents of state are trying to declare the state innocent in the crime of Baloch genocide. The Baloch society has rejected the colonial projects due to the blessings of the conscious struggle of Baloch youth.
While the army-influenced NGOs, extremist religious parties and National Party are trying to sustain the Pakistani occupation in Baloch society by using the name of so-called development projects. But the occupier state and its agents will only face failure due to the direct commitment of Baloch national independence struggle to the Baloch society.