Baloch youth should bring their talents in use and play their role in progress of society: Chairman Sohrab Baloch



Baloch youth should bring their talents in use and play their role in progress of society: Chairman Sohrab Baloch

August 7, 2018

Quetta: The first meeting of the Central Committee was held under the presidency of Sohrab Baloch. The agendas of organizational affairs and future strategies were discussed in the meeting.  The meeting was started with the two-minute silence in the memory of the Martyrs of Balochistan.

Chairman Sohrab Baloch during his speech in the meeting said that the history of BSO is the history of sacrifices. The youth of BSO has tolerated hardships of all types for the educational and political awakening in Baloch society, they never let this caravan stop, but are playing their role with consistency for the mobilization and organization of Baloch society.

The state is frightened of the political awakening of the Baloch youth and is trying to pressurize them by its power. Imposition of ban on BSO and illegal arrest and extrajudicial killing of BSO youth is the total expression of the state fear.

The state, using its entire machinery, is trying to keep youth and students at distance from public politics and Baloch nationalism at one hand and, while on the other hand it is also trying to finish the power of research and creativity by its colonial system of education in order make Baloch students infertile politically and academically.

Chairman said that youth students of BSO Azad do focus at the gain of education for the growth of political awareness in their society, pay attention at creativity and research in educational institutions and utilize their talents for nourishing the political environment in educational institutions.

To neutralize the effects of the colonial system of education, creativity and research, on scientific grounds, is the best weapon, and by their positive use we can fail the colonial system of education. We will have to try to promote political discourse in the educational institutions, because we can only reach to our destination by the help of political power.

The youth of BSO can only shape the hopes of nation into reality and this youth is the center of our hope, and we hope that BSO students will take their organization program forward on intellectual basis and according to the changing political situation of the world.

While speaking about the situation of international politics, chairman said that political events happening at the international level can severely affect Balochistan, and we have to devise our policies by political understanding in order to save ourselves from the negative effects of this politics. If we don’t do so on political and intellectual grounds, then its consequences will be severe for us which can cause difficulties for us in future.

Today the mutual tussle of the international powers has reached such a point which shows strong possibilities of changes in global politics. In the result of the US economic bans over Iran and the dented relations between Europe and US, there can be realignment in the international politics. While worst US economic bans over Iran not only made Iran to face severe economic issues which will badly affect Iran internally but there are also possibility of gigantic changes in politics of Middle East and South Asia.

On the other hand, Iran has threatened to block Strait of Hormuz, the maritime route, and in this regard, Iran has conducted war exercise of more than 100 naval warships in the Persian Gulf which can be a cause of critical condition for Middle East. While the presence of China in this region, particularly in the present critical situation, is not a good sign in any way for this region.

Speaking over the recent Pakistani elections, chairman said that just faces are changed by using the name of government formulation in Pakistan, while policies come from just one direction. In Balochistan, whether it is the era of dictatorship or so-called democracy, the state barbarism despite being stopped gains intensity, and the Pakistani politicians have continuously expressed their helplessness about Balochistan.

In the recent elections of Balochistan, as the state united its representatives in the form of a group, BAP (Balochistan Awami Party) and are given the responsibility to govern, they are the rejected (People) by the Baloch people. People have a very clear stance about them. Provision of opportunity of government to them is only the tactics to protect the state interests in exploitation of Balochistan.

The Baloch political leadership should re-devise the internal and external policies for the Baloch Movement by estimating the changing situation in the region, gain of acceleration in speed of transfer of resources of Balochistan by China and internal political situation of Paksitan.

After discussing the agenda of the organizational affairs, organizational responsibilities and programs were shaped for the reorganization of BSO in the agenda of the future strategies.