Baloch Women are Under Siege


Baloch Women are Under Siege

Balochistan is a colony of State of Pakistan since the day when Pakistan had occupied the Baloch land. The relation between Pakistan and the Baloch people is just of a tyrant and oppressed. Pakistan uses third degree torture on Baloch missing persons, and it has crossed all the limits of atrocities for last two decades, but since last year, Pakistan has changed its policies toward the Baloch Movement and restarted disappearance of Baloch women at a large scale.

Pakistan had begun implementation over its policy of Baloch women abduction in 1973, but the state intensified the enforced disappearance of Baloch women since last year where more than one hundred Baloch women were illegally detained and then disappeared by Pakistan Army from Mashkay Awaran, Bolan, Dera Bugti, Dasht Makran and Rakshan Nagh areas of Balochistan.

In 2017, Pakistan Army conducted a massive operation in Mashkay, Balochistan where the army abducted many women during the operation, in which a woman, Naz Gul, was killed by state forces.

On 4th June 2018, Pakistan Army forcibly shifted dozens of Baloch women in its camp supposedly for aid in Naag Rakhash district Washuk. A pregnant woman faced miscarriage during infliction of torture, and many women are still in the army camps suffering torture physically and mentally.

On June 26, 2018, three more Baloch women, Gull Bano along with her daughter Bibi Ganjal and other women Bibi Saema, were illegally detained from from Jahu area of Awaran during the on-going military operations. The Jahu operation detainees and disappeared persons were then released after the illegal detention of almost two days, but they don’t talk due to extreme fear and psychological distress.
There are many other such cases which couldn’t be public due to suspension of telecommunication system by the Pakistan Army in the operation-hit-areas.

In Balochistan, Baloch women and children have always been affected; they are sometimes physically tortured by state forces during the military operations, or are tortured psychologically when men members of their families go missing. Directly or indirectly, in either case, Baloch women are the victims of state atrocities.

United Nations (UN) Women pledges to protect the right to live for women and girls worldwide in order to end discrimination, violence and poverty, and assure the gender equality.

Pakistan Army is repeating the history of Bangladesh in Balochistan in 21st century, and this pin drop silence of the international community is supporting Pakistani forces in this delict. We urge the international community to take notice of illegal detention of Baloch woman, men and children and intervene in issue of Baloch missing persons to save thousands of lives.