Baloch Students Organization (BSO)-Azad continues its six-day awareness campaign in Canada on the fourth day by highlighting the abduction and forced disappearance of its central leaders, young Baloch students and children in Karachi. 

In this awareness Campaign drive by BSO-Azad, pamphlets and leaflets have been distributed and a ‘signature campaign’ has been conducted to highlight the abductions and forced disappearances of the Baloch political workers and other Baloch individuals by Pakistani security forces and secret agencies.
BSO-Azad’s chairperson, Karima Baloch, while informing the Canadian public about the current situation of Balochistan, said that the Baloch people, as a nation, are included among those nations who have suffered the greatest during the present century. Pakistan’s illegal occupation and brutality have not only made the Baloch people’s lives insecure but also exploited them as much as possible in political, economic and educational terms.
Karima Baloch further said that Pakistan has systematically targeted the educated sections of the Baloch society in order to make the future of the Baloch people insecure. In addition, in order to inject neo-colonial influences into the mental development process of the Baloch people, the progressive literature has been banned and, instead, jihadist literature and madrasa culture have been popularised in Balochistan.
In this anti-Baloch project, the remaining part has been played by converting buildings of all educational institutions — ranging from elementary schools to universities — into military garrisons, according to Karima Baloch. The purpose of this act is to destroy from the root the progressive educational system in the Baloch society and keep the youth under psychological pressure.
Importantly, she added that Pakistan has been receiving significant financial assistance from the world in the name of ‘education and progress’ and that the Baloch leaders wish to make it clear to the world that a jihadist state like Pakistan has been using the received aid in order to promote madrasa culture and ban progressive literature in an occupied territory like Balochistan.
Karima Baloch, while drawing the world’s attention towards all the abducted Baloch including BSO-Azad’s central leaders, emphasized that the issue of the Baloch ‘missing persons’ is the gravest issue of the century. Human rights organizations and influential countries of the world must fulfill their responsibilities to resolve this serious issue, she added.