Baloch students do use their entire capabilities for the Baloch national interest: BSO-Azad


Baloch Students Organization-Azad (BSO-A) Central Spokesperson said in an issued statement that the state, under its counter-insurgency policy, is trying to keep Baloch students in its colonial clamp. To take Baloch students to the military camps under the umbrella of educational tours depicts those plans of the state which had been adopted for a long period against the Baloch students.

State’s aggressive anti-Baloch-students policy is not hidden to the world. During the last 10 years, thousands of Baloch students have become the target of “Kill and Dump” policy of the state, and educational career of thousands of Baloch students have been made ruined.

State policies have made the gain of education a high level risk in Balochistan, educational institutions have been converted into the military camps. When educational institutions of Balochistan were made very risky for the Baloch students, then they went to the educational institutions of Sindh and Punjab for the gain of education, but they faced state barbarism there too.

All recent incidents; arrest of Baloch students from Karachi, suspension of Baloch students from the educational institution of Islamabad and attack on Baloch and Pushtun students by an extremist students’ organization in Lahore, notify that the state has planned to take violent action against the Baloch students.

On the other hand, state is using Baloch students, under the umbrella of education tours, as a pawn in order to hide its aggressive policies to the world and for the completion of its nefarious aims, but Baloch students have awareness about the tactical aims of the state, and will not be the target of any plan of it.

While state is trying to use Baloch students as the weapon for the spread of regional and racial prejudice in the Baloch society. To fail a majority of students of Makran under a plan in the recent examination of graduation, and provocation of District Gwadar’s students against the students of District Kech is a long-time state plan for the spread of regional and racial prejudice in the Baloch society.

Spokesperson further said that the Baloch students are the national assets. Students should understand the need of time and put the Baloch national interest at the first priority, and create unity and harmony in their lines for their safety against all conspiratorial plans of the state.

All above mentioned incidents are not new for the Baloch society, because after the occupation of the Baloch land by Pakistan, it used, in different intervals of time, such conspiratorial plans for the dispersion of the Baloch society and for harming the Baloch national interest’s concept of collectivism. But the aware Baloch youth made all tactical policies of the state unsuccessful and today as well the collective force of the Baloch youth will make state policies unsuccessful in Baloch society.

The spokesperson appealed to the Baloch students to use their all capabilities in the favor of the Baloch national interest, and despite being the subject of any state plan, keep focus on the gain of education only.