An awareness campaign will be run about June 8 Baloch Missing Persons Day: BSO Azad


Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO-A) Central Spokesperson said in an issued statement about the June 8 Baloch Missing Persons Day that the state forces enforcedly disappear the Baloch political leaders and activists in order to suppress the raised voice for the national liberation in Balochistan, and the state-practiced enforced disappearances is the severe violation of United Nations’ human rights.

Paksitan had started the practice of the enforced disappearances under its Kill-and-Dump policy and it has abducted thousands of Baloch individuals under this policy from different areas by now, but the chain of state-practiced enforced disappearance is still continued that has gained intensity in past few months.

According to the current statistics, more than 40,000 Baloch individuals are missing and mutilated bodies of hundreds of missing persons have been recovered.  The Baloch land has become a no-go area for the Baloch people due to the barbarism of Pakistan. The Baloch people, particularly the youth, are neither safe at their homes nor they are safe in schools, colleges, universities and other public spaces in Balochistan.

Pakistan is crushing the international human rights by not representing the Baloch missing persons in the courts, and the criminal silence of the international human rights institutions is very surprising that is making this issue more serious.

The spokesperson further said that BSO Azad observed June 8 as the Baloch Missing Persons Day (BMPD) last year in order to highlight the serious issue of Baloch missing persons at international level. BSO Azad, maintaining its organizational decision, will observe the June 8 as Baloch Missing Person Day this year too.

Spokesperson demanded to the United Nations and the international human rights organizations to take notice of the state-practiced enforced disappearances in Balochistan on urgent basis and play your role for the solution of this issue, and the spokesperson appealed to the Baloch political activists and Baloch people to participation in the awareness campaign of June 8 Baloch Missing Persons Day and to play your role for highlighting this serious human issue.