51st Foundation Day of the Baloch Students Organization

November 26, 1967 is one of the historic days in the Baloch political history when the Baloch Students Organization (BSO) was formed with the aims of organizing the Baloch students on revolutionary platform that would help shape the Baloch society as the societies of living nations in world by educating the Baloch youth politically, literally and culturally, and to head towards the establishment of a free Baloch state.
Since its inception, BSO is struggling to make its aims and objectives a reality, because BSO knows that the Baloch youth are the national assets and the national builders, and with their intellect, creativity and skills, the Baloch society will be able survive and be identified as a living nation in world.
In its struggle, BSO has faced lots of troubles internally where parliamentarian mass political parties divided it for their party’s purpose and externally where it remained on the main target of the state of Pakistan because BSO is the revolutionary and nation school of the Baloch nation, but BSO didn’t let all those conspiracies to eliminate it from the Baloch political arena.
Today, BSO has become a symbol of revolution in the Baloch society whose central to zonal leadership and members  have paid sacrifices in the struggle of keeping awaken the Baloch youth politically. A cache of central leadership, former Chairman Zahid Baloch, former Senior Vice Chairman Zakir Majeed Baloch, former Secretary General Sanaullah Baloch, former Information Secretary Shabeer Baloch, two former Central Committee Members Hassam Baloch and Naseer Ahmed are still in the illegal custody of state facing inhuman torture.
Hundreds of BSO leaders and members sacrificed their lives during the struggle which includes former Secretary General Raza Jahangir Baloch, Central Committee Member Comrade Qayyum, Shafi Baloch, Qabar Chakar and lots more.
Baloch nation is in war with an uncivilized state which neither respects internationally recognized human rights nor its own constitution. Pakistan has converted Balochistan into a warzone where practice of politics and freedom of expression are banned and our national languages Balochi, Brahvi and others are restricted to be taught in schools, social fabrics are destroyed, educational system is poised and health department is ruined; Balochistan depicts the picture of 17thcentury place.
On the 51st foundation day, the Baloch Students Organization Azad pledges to continue its due role in the struggle for the restoration of Balochistan’s independence.