30th August and Enforced disappearances in Balochistan.

Families of missing persons are protesting

Sagaar editorial :

The General Assembly of United Nations on December 2010 in the resolution 65/209 expressed it’s reservation on enhanced allegedly disappearance from various parts of the world to pronounced a world day for it’s commeration.  From that after 2010, until now every year 30th August is being commerated as globally alleged disappearance day.
This time Balochistan is included from those some regions of entire world which are dangerously inflicted by the incidents of allegedly disappearances.  In fact, alongside others fundamental human rights violations in Balochistan the issue of disappearance persons is not Fresh, however it’s continued from years , which is for sure increasing day by day.
The state Pakistan is using the organized policy of alleged disappearance in order to terrify the Baloch Nation and crush the freedom movement.
In result of this policy till now more than twenty two thousands Baloch have been abducted by state run Institutes and Pakistan army. Among those disappearance persons, Political and Social activists, Journalists, Writers, Students, Teachers and people from all spheres of life are included.
However at other hand , a large number of abducted persons in occupied Balochistan owing to sanctions on media is entirely deprived of coverage.
The problem of missing persons proved dangerous and alarming at the time when in April 2009 the founder leader of BNM, Ghulam Mohammad Baloch along with two companions have been abducted by Pakistan army and intelligence agencies from Turbat, a city of Balochistan and after some days the above mentioned leaders tortured and mutilated dead bodies recovered from a barren place.
After this tragic incident, an unfinished and continous throwing of dead bodies began from entire Balochistan which is still continued.
In effect of Pakistan’s kill and dump policy the land of Balochistan has yet received more than 4 thousands mutilated bodies..
In 2014, in Totak, discovery of unlimited mass Graves and hundreds of tortured and mutilated dead bodies more intensified the doubts of missing persons family.
From that dead bodies a massive number was comprised of those owing to mutilation couldn’t get recognized. State Pakistan didn’t even give permission to the families of missing persons to go for DNA test for that discovered dead bodies and even though not any international organisations given permission regarding this concern. All of the discovered dead bodies under the administration of state forces were thoughtfully buried in an attempt to keep then problem cold down.
In Balochistan from seven decades a national movement is going on, which aims at freeing Balochistan from Pakistan occupation. Despite presence of international laws and organisations, the political movement of Baloch is being forcely pressed by Pakistan on a run to continuously violate the international laws from 1948.
It is a responsibility of people from civil society that for resolving this issue raise your voice, alongside that it is a fundamental responsibility of UNO to keep away it’s members state Pakistan for insincere behaviors and take notice of alarming human rights violations in Balochistan.