28th May: The Black Day


Respected World!

A nation passes through political, economical, and social demolition when a tyrant oppressor occupies its land. In response, the subjugated nation resists the occupation and the injustices but the oppressed nation also pays a high price for that resistance.

Unfortunately, the Baloch nation is among those oppressed nations of world which is subjugated in 21st century. On 27th March 1948, the newly born state of Pakistan snatched the sovereignty of Baloch. Since 1948, Baloch has been struggling for its national freedom in different phases. Since then, the entire nation has been facing the worst form of human rights violations in the shape of Baloch genocide, enforced disappearances and barbaric nuclear experiments near the Baloch populated areas; the list of state crimes is very lengthy. Due to this occupation, Baloch faces political, social and economic downfall today and the facts of the national miseries are heartrending.  

The world history is witness that how the population of Hiroshima and Nagasaki had suffered after the attacks of the nuclear bombs. The world should know that the Baloch land, Ras Koh Chaghi , has also suffered nuclear attacks by state of Pakistan but no one dares to ask Pakistan for this unpardonedcrime.  

On 28th May 1998, Pakistan conducted series of nuclear tests at Ras koh, Chagai. The testing of other nuclear weapons was followed on 30th May that year which made Pakistan a nuclear power but the people of Chaghi couldn’t save their lives, the upcoming generation, the standing crops and livestock from those intermittent hazardous radiations of the explosives. Since then cancer, immature deaths, congenital defects, drought, malnutrition and ignorance has become the fate of Chaghi. 

The pure Uranium, Yellow Cake, which is used as the fuel of nuclear weapons are obtained after by the constriction of Yellow Cake Plant in Bagalchur village of Dera Gazi Khan (DG Khan). Historically, DG Khan is a part of Balochistan but administratively it is present in Punjab today. DG Khan is a densely populated city of Baloch people. In order to produce nuclear fuel for the nuclear weapons of Pakistan, pure Uranium is extracted from DG Khan leaving the radioactive wastes for the Baloch people of the area which has caused serious concerns regarding health. The issue was later taken up by some residents of the area to the Supreme Court of Pakistan but the state still continues to do so.  

Recently, on 23rd May this year, Pakistan has conducted test of its ballistic missiles. According to the local people, test was conducted near the Koh-e-Sulaiman range and the Baloch population was threatened to leave their homes. This is an inhuman manner of state which is particularly used to deal with people of its colony. This criminal act has disturbed the residents psychologically.

Furthermore, the emission of harmful substances contributes in global warming as well but Pakistan doesn’t care about anything. This state insensitivity doesn’t end here because the state has planted the Hubco Power Plant at Hub Chowki Balochistan which is near the population and it is really enough to put the life of Baloch people at a greater risk. On the other hand, the generation of millions of tons of unmanaged wastes from this plant is more hazardous that results unexpected diseases with in the nation.

Meanwhile Pakistan has been engaged to implement the 600MW coal power plant at Gaddani, Balochistan. Gaddani is located at coastal belt of Balochistan near to Lasbela; the agriculture zone of Balochistan. The 600MW coal power plant will just destroy the coastal belt and agriculture zone of Balochistan. 

According to the Digital Globe Image, Pakistan has constructed secure underground complex reserves in Khuzdar including the deserts of Balochistan and these reserves can serve as the storage site of ballistic missile and nuclear warhead of state.  

Alas! All these crystal clear policies are being ignored by the civilized world. The population of entire Balochistan including Chaghi, Dera Ghazi Khan and Khuzdar are complaining of rare diseases—skin cancer is the most common caused by the ionized rays. The people of these areas were unaware of such diseases before these experiments but now the entire generation is facing such unfamiliar diseases by birth.

After 28th May 1998, the land of Chaghi couldn’t become green again. A generation of Baloch nation with their livestock and standing crops faced an indirect violence. Pakistan has disabled and handicapped an entire generation of Balochistan by means of its silent nuclear power experiments. But the further silence of world despite of this alarming situation questions that who will dare to ask Pakistan over the crimes done to Baloch nation and to the Baloch land. The negligence of United Nations and rest of the civilized world has put Baloch nation on the edge of destruction and their continuous negligence will only further encourage the state of Pakistan to commit such crime with international impunity and enjoy the destruction of Baloch land and the nation for its existence.
Baloch Students Organization Azad