13th November, the day of the devoted heroes.

Baluch Martyrs

by Shayan Baloch:

On daily basis there born and kick the bucket thousands of human beings but all of the born child are not supposed to make a history in future, exception remains the arguable point of concerns over notice of a situational factor and incidental turnout. Same as, all of the dying and close to expiry men and women are not alike, from them some earn a highest familiarity in their life and after, but most of them pass away having nothing with. This is what the universal processes move on and a system of balance is acquired. There is a term, self-reliance which has an intimate relation with a self-decision making capability. People who believe themselves and determined to move on enthusiastically, confidently give rise to a personality who the entire world remembers and feel proud over. Today if we glance at the history of world, the names who we remember today, dispels us at the point of determination and devotion that reels in a purpose of collective rather than individual accomplishment.

Baloch is a nation with a deprived and attention less coverage globally. The international and national media whither that is electronic or print media, both have not yet perform a honest duty to highlight an issue that the Baloch nation has been trying to gain a glance at, from the day annexed illegitimately on the point of gun by the provocative treachery that the so-called pioneer of leftovers Qaid-e-Azim did to defeat and deceive the free state head of Kalat on 28th March 1948.

The fanaticism of feeling the identity and fortification of a land against tyranny and foreign tools gets the emerging roots of nationalism rise up and this is the reason that makes up and fabricates the sense of devotion for a purpose which aims at a satisfaction. In affections of my defective estimations, Baloch are to feel grateful over their visionary ideas and sentiments that connected them with a protection and struggle of regaining the primitive status of the state as a free land, the expedition of such a great thought of attaining an objective, that pave a way for a comfortable life of young generation has not even given up the capacity of a construction.

Today, Baloch has come to know about motivational personalities and they hopefully built up a sense of having a close acquaintance with inspirational devotions of the persons who beside their personal life gave priority to the wishes and future fate of the people. Today, All Baloch activists who are physically being missed and their absence is crisping, however their souls feel it a status of contentment to know a day has been dedicated for their eternal attribute in terms of devotion.

This is a political zeal to be connected with the fallen heroes of a nation, all those political activists and defenders of the Baloch are among those people who the world never forget. It is a natural fact that until some doesn’t walk and demand for a thing which is missing or has been occupied by someone else, will never get it back lying on bed with a crying face and regrets, it surely needs zeal  of devoutness that even can testify and strengthen a sense of raising a voice.

From the day, the land of Baloch was annexed, a continuous struggle of unending ends is committedly on a way of its fulfillment of objectives. Many contributors and instructors of this way to a prodigious destination, on the beginning, middle or any spot laid their precious lives but couldn’t permit the ruthless enemies be enable to tumble the flag of a blood, harmony and egalitarianism.

The day 13th November, is a day of commitment and inclination to the sacrificed souls of those thousands of Baloch who laid their valuable lives and provided necessarily oxygen to the tree of struggle. Baloch on the eve of this day collectively pay rich tribute to martyrs of Nation and pledge to complete their cause, and follow political vision of freeing Balochistan at the claws of cruel.