The criminal activities of the state have suffered people to live in the environment of fear: BSO Azad

December 6, 2018

The criminal activities of the state have suffered people to live in the environment of fear: BSO Azad

Central Spokesperson Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO-A) in an issued statement condemned the enforced disappearance of Baloch students, generation of environment of fear in the educational institutions and disrupting the daily living of the Baloch people including the students with strong words, and added that the powerful military institutions of the state in collaboration with the civilian institutions has kept the sequence of crackdown on the Baloch students continued.   
This crackdown is gaining intensity gradually. These criminal activities of the state institutions have made people of Balochistan to live with fear. On the previous days, a student of Bahauddin Zakria University, Jihand Bangulzai son of Abdul Qayoum, was enforcedly disappeared along with his brother Hasnian and father. While the first year medical student of Government Postgraduate College Quetta, Amin son of Abdullah, was abducted and shifted to an undisclosed location on the same day. Their whereabouts are still unknown.
On Wednesday of this week, several students which include Zareef Rind, Changez Baloch, Aurangzed Baloch and other several students have been disappeared forcibly by the state forces. Forceful disappearance of several students is a proof of generation of environment of fear.     
Before these incidents, the administrations of the Bahauddin Zakria University and the Neshtar University have decided to form the list of Baloch students and to send it to the state security institutions which clearly clarify that the civil institutions are fully supporting the security forces for destroying the career of the Baloch students.
Including all above, the security forces have demanded the list of the Baloch students from the hostel administration of the University of Balochistan. These all policies of state show that they want to keep the Baloch students in the status of fear, close the doors of education to them and to further strengthen its policies of prolong its occupation over the Balochistan.    
Neither the state of Paksitan is trying to generate the environment of fear in the educational institutions but also the Baloch people from all walks of life are being targeted which shows their implementing of policies of wrapping the entire Baloch society in the chador of fear.   
On previous days, the Ranger and white clothed personnel of the security forces have raided at several houses in the Lyari area of Karachi city and enforcedly disappeared three Baloch persons whose whereabouts are still not known.   
The Spokesperson further said that the token hunger strike camp of the families of the missing persons under the flag of the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) is continued for a month for the recovery of missing persons. In this token hunger strike camp, hundreds of families which are affected of the enforced disappearance are peacefully protesting in the cold weather with their children for the safe recovery of their loved ones, but the state’s legal and parliamentarian institutions are continuously ignoring them, and we condemn this ignorance in strong words.  
Ignoring the voice of the Baloch mothers and sisters by the Balochistan chief minister and the high level authorities by becoming the state machinery shows that they have nothing to do with the Baloch people, but on the other hand they are busy in belly-worshipping by becoming just the state machinery.
The spokesperson appealed to the global institutions and the international media to play their role to make reach the voices of the families of the missing persons who are setting in the token hunger strike camp to the international community, so that the Baloch people would be saved from the vandal activities of the state with the help of the civilized countries.

51st Foundation Day of the Baloch Students Organization

November 26, 1967 is one of the historic days in the Baloch political history when the Baloch Students Organization (BSO) was formed with the aims of organizing the Baloch students on revolutionary platform that would help shape the Baloch society as the societies of living nations in world by educating the Baloch youth politically, literally and culturally, and to head towards the establishment of a free Baloch state.
Since its inception, BSO is struggling to make its aims and objectives a reality, because BSO knows that the Baloch youth are the national assets and the national builders, and with their intellect, creativity and skills, the Baloch society will be able survive and be identified as a living nation in world.
In its struggle, BSO has faced lots of troubles internally where parliamentarian mass political parties divided it for their party’s purpose and externally where it remained on the main target of the state of Pakistan because BSO is the revolutionary and nation school of the Baloch nation, but BSO didn’t let all those conspiracies to eliminate it from the Baloch political arena.
Today, BSO has become a symbol of revolution in the Baloch society whose central to zonal leadership and members  have paid sacrifices in the struggle of keeping awaken the Baloch youth politically. A cache of central leadership, former Chairman Zahid Baloch, former Senior Vice Chairman Zakir Majeed Baloch, former Secretary General Sanaullah Baloch, former Information Secretary Shabeer Baloch, two former Central Committee Members Hassam Baloch and Naseer Ahmed are still in the illegal custody of state facing inhuman torture.
Hundreds of BSO leaders and members sacrificed their lives during the struggle which includes former Secretary General Raza Jahangir Baloch, Central Committee Member Comrade Qayyum, Shafi Baloch, Qabar Chakar and lots more.
Baloch nation is in war with an uncivilized state which neither respects internationally recognized human rights nor its own constitution. Pakistan has converted Balochistan into a warzone where practice of politics and freedom of expression are banned and our national languages Balochi, Brahvi and others are restricted to be taught in schools, social fabrics are destroyed, educational system is poised and health department is ruined; Balochistan depicts the picture of 17thcentury place.
On the 51st foundation day, the Baloch Students Organization Azad pledges to continue its due role in the struggle for the restoration of Balochistan’s independence.

The Baloch students face extreme state tyranny: BSO Azad

The Baloch students face extreme state tyranny: BSO Azad
November 17, 2018
Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO-A) Central Spokesperson said in an issued statement that the International Students’ Day is observed every year globally on November 17. The day when the Nazi Army attacked on Czechoslovakia in the beginning of the World War II (WWII) in 1939 and imposed dictatorship.
But in response, the students’ organization of Czechoslovakia protested for the independence, democracy and against that unjustified occupation. In retaliation, the Nazi Army attacked on students, arrested several of them and executed nine among them. The November 17 is observed every year to commemorate those students and their sacrifices for a noble cause.
The Spokesperson said that BSO Azad has been struggling for the Baloch students and national rights since the very first day which made BSO Azad to face severe conditions from the state.  The state began the sequence of the enforced disappearance of Baloch students in order to compel them to withdraw from their struggle of rights, and this sequence is continued with high intensity since many years till date.
The abducted Baloch students are kept in state’s secret torture cells where they die during the infliction of inhuman torture while in the illegal custody, and finally their mutilated bodies are thrown. Many students have been killed through targeted-killing tactic which includes the central secretary general of our organization Raza Jahangir.
Several student leaders are illegally detained in the state secret detention centers for several years which include many leaders from the vice chairman of organization Zakir Majeed to the Secretary General Sanaullah Baloch.
On the other hand, those Baloch students who are getting education in educational institutions are facing mental torture from the stats, because all the educational institutions of Balochistan are converted into military camps, and hostels are raided on daily basis using excuses of security in order to torture the students psychologically.
In Balochistan, the state institutions under a policy are creating the environment of fear in the educational institutions which is aimed to close door of education and to keep Baloch students at a distance to education. While members of the organization are in a siege like situation in educational institutions and being compelled to quit education, but we have continued our struggle in this hard time too.
The spokesperson said that said to the Baloch youth and students that youth are the builder of nation and precious assets. In any society, the youth of the nation possess the status of the back bone. As students, it is your responsibility to share awareness and knowledge in nation and make the Baloch nation feel the slavery, so that they continue their struggle against this tyranny, barbarism and national slavery.

Martyrs: The Beacon of Baloch Nation

Martyrdom is the expression of devotion. The people who bravely sacrifice their being for the motherland without any doubt are the real heroes for the nation. Every nation dedicates a day to the martyrs for their motherland and remembers the sacrifices of their heroes.

Similarly, the Baloch nation remembers its heroes who not only fight for the motherland but also are against all forms of discrimination among individuals or groups on the bases of religion, caste, creed, doctrine, race or ethnic origin.

The Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO-A) has marked the 13th November as the National Baloch Martyrs Day in 2010 to commemorate the martyrdom of our heroes. To remember those thousands of men, women, children and elder daughter and son of Baloch nation, we know some of them by name and others are our unsung heroes who lay in unmarked graves.

We remember the sacrifice of the heroes who bravely devoted their lives in 19th century. On November 13, 1839, Mir Mehrab Khan, the ruler of Balochistan, refused to surrender against the powerful British imperialists who invaded Balochistan, knowing that he will be eventually defeated, but he fought till his last breath.

The Baloch nation has a long history of sacrifices, whether there were the Arab invaders or the Britain imperialist who came with the intention to occupy the Baloch land, but the heroes of Baloch fought till the last breath. Baloch heroes who laid down their precious lives for the bright future of next generations are beacon for the nation.

Remembering the inspirational words of Mehrab Khan “I may not defeat the enemy but I can die for my motherland” are the enlightenment for today’s youth.

The day when Pakistan invaded Balochistan, then Baloch people took the yarn of Mehrab Khan, but did not surrendered. Many Baloch men, women and even infants have been killed by Pakistani forces in order prolong its occupation over the Baloch land, and the sequence of this brutal assassination is continued till today.

Baloch scarifies for the gain of sovereignty of its motherland, and will continue the sequence of sacrifice until Pakistan leaves our motherland and Baloch gains the free Baloch state.

The world has been turned into a global village and in the global village every minor issue has been discussed. The sovereign countries of world should take notice of the human rights violations taking place in Baloch land by Pakistan on daily basis. The world should intervene in Balochistan issue, stop the Baloch genocide and accept Baloch as a free nation.

Gwadar Eastbay Expressway is a disastrous and exploitative project for Baloch, deduction in annual fund of Balochi Academy is a restriction on Balochi language and literature: BSO Azad

Gwadar Eastbay Expressway is a disastrous and exploitative project for Baloch, deduction in annual fund of Balochi Academy is a restriction on Balochi language and literature: BSO Azad

October 22, 2018

Baloch Students Organization Azad Central Spokesperson in the statement termed the Gwadar Eastbay Expressway as disastrous and an economic exploitative project for Baloch, and added that such projects which are under the imperialists like Pakistan and China are nothing except the economic destruction and demographic change.
Baloch has not only rejected CPEC like exploitative projects since the very first day but also has strongly denounced them, because attempts are being made to convert Baloch in minority over their own land by the help of such projects, and on the other hand, thousands of families will be jobless due to the closure of fishing activities at the eastern coast.
It is very clear by the Gwadar Eastbay Expressway that the imperial power wants to attack on Baloch nation economically and militarily in order to make its economy strong and prolong its occupation by its military power.
All those projects which are being constructed under the economic corridor are causing the indigenous population to vacate those areas and exploiting the Baloch nation economically, socially and culturally.
The spokesperson condemned the deduction in the annual fund of Balochi Academy and further said that the services of Balochi Academy for the promotion of language and literature are appreciable. Including Balochi Academy, there are many such institutions where are struggling for the promotion of languages and literatures of Baloch nation, because language has a basic importance for the national identity.
The occupying powers along with exploiting the oppressed nations economically, socially and culturally, also paralyze their mother languages, and the recent deduction in the annual grant of Balochi Academy is knot of the same chain.

The act of demolishing graves in Martyrs Graveyard contravenes the human values: BSO-Azad

The act of demolishing graves in Martyrs Graveyard contravenes the human values: BSO-Azad

September 18, 2018

Quetta: Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO-A) Central Spokesperson condemned the act of demolishing graves of Baloch martyrs in the New Kahan Quetta Graveyard and added that  outrage of the graves of martyrs is actually an act that badly contrives the human values and expresses the barbarian mentality of the state.

Graves of the Baloch leaders and political activists are in New Kahan Quetta Graveyard who have been martyred in the state military operations or in custody. The grave of Baloch national leader Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri is also in this graveyard. Demolishing gravestones of graves in darkness of night in fact is a symbol of fearfulness and defeat from the Baloch national movement.

The Spokesperson further said that different areas of Balochistan are completely under the state military operations and there are concerns of loss of human lives. On previous day, at the early morning, military operation was started in Drenjann and surrounding areas of Tehsil Sui of Dera Bugti. During the raid at homes in this operation, two persons, who are shepherds, have been disappeared and shifted to undisclosed location, and houses were sat on fire.

Forces enforcedly disappeared four people from Dasht Showleegh, Kech. One more person was disappeared from Dasht Hour during the raids at homes in that operation and women were severely tortured. While forces raided house of Kohda Abdulla in Mand, Kech and severely tortured women and children and illegally arrested Mola Bux and then shifted hum to an unknown location. Hatoon Bibi, an elder woman, died of the torture during this raid; this act is a condemnable.

Since many years, Balochistan is under bloody operations which have now gained acceleration in enforced disappearance and killing of women under a new policy, and the silence of international community is quite surprising.

The spokesperson at the end of statement appealed to the civilized world to take notice of human rights violations in Balochistan and give back the right to live to the Baloch nation.

Silence of media on Baloch genocide is against principles of journalism: BSO Azad

Silence of media on Baloch genocide is against principles of journalism: BSO Azad

Quetta: Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO-A) Central Spokesperson appreciated the special report of the Committee to Protect Journalist (CPJ); an international organization for the protection of journalists, and added that Balochistan is the dangerous region for journalists. By this report, Pakistan’s real face has been exposed to world. Military institutions of state have imposed censorship on the truth by intimidating media houses and journalists and are bolstering their negative policies in this regard.

All civil institutions of Paksitan have surrendered before the military power, are protecting their negative activities and committing abdication from their due duties. The complete silence of local and international media on enforced disappearance of Baloch youth and women in this ongoing military operation in Balochistan is against the principles of journalism.

Balochistan is suffering complete media blackout since last several decades. In local media, incidents of military operations and enforced disappearances in Balochistan are not reported, and international media is seemed to be completely silence in this regard which clarifies that institutions of mass communication have become a partner of the state in Baloch genocide.

The spokesperson further added that Balochistan is among the most dangerous regions for the journalists where lives of journalists face severe danger and many Baloch journalists have been extrajudicially killed. Haji Razaq Baloch, Lala Hameed Baloch, Javed Nasser Rind, Razaq Gull, Ilyas Nazar and lots other are the Baloch journalist killed by Pakistani military institutions.

BSO Azad spokesperson in the end of statement appealed to the international media houses and journalists to visit the affected areas of Balochistan and expose the reality to the world which would express the real exploits of Pakistan doing in Balochistan.

Announcing enforcement of emergency in education and health departments in Balochistan is deceiving of Baloch people: BSO Azad

Announcing enforcement of emergency in education and health departments in Balochistan is deceiving of Baloch people: BSO Azad

Baloch Students organization Azad (BSO-A) Central Spokesperson said that announcing emergency in education and health departments by the government which came into existence with the support of the military powers is another deception with the Baloch people.

In Balochistan, for the betterment in education department, one such emergency was enforced in the tenure of Dr. Malik government, but in the shelter of educational emergency, educational institutions were converted into military cantonments, incidents of raids in educational institutions and disappearance of students increased, ban was imposed over books, thousands of books were seized from libraries and book stalls, attempts were made to destroy research and creative talents of students and so-called projects of the military institutions have been in the process of completion.

Spokesperson said that the government of National Party (NP) tried to ban knowledge and consciousness in educational institutions of Balochistan by announcing education emergency and then enforcing military martial law in educational institutions of Balochistan. Drug peddlers were provided power and attempts were made to rust the talents of Baloch youth, and NP remained directly involved in Baloch genocide with Pakistani military, and today the same elements which have been organized in the form of Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) are trying to further accelerate the process of Baloch genocide.

In the end of the statement, the spokesperson said that the absence of teaching staffs and lack of provision of fundamental facilities in the schools and colleges of Balochistan exposes the worst condition of educational system, and now announcement of emergency in education and health departments by the government which is the representative of military powers’ is the indication of the point that the military involvement which is already present will be increased irresistibly.


Statement of Chairman Missing Persons Commission doesn’t represent facts and is dissemination of military institutions’ stance: BSO Azad

Statement of Chairman Missing Persons Commission doesn’t represent facts and is dissemination of military institutions’ stance: BSO Azad

The Central Spokesperson Baloch Students Organization Azad said on the occasion of the International Day of the Enforced Disappearance that the practice of enforced disappearance is continued with severe intensity in entire Balochistan and the number of the enforcedly disappeared persons is increasing with severe speed.  

The number of the enforcedly missing persons has crossed 40,000 in Balochistan. Youth, elder, children and women are among the missing persons and nearly five thousand missing persons were killed during torture and their mutilated bodies were thrown in deserted areas in Balochistan. 

The issue of the enforcedly disappeared persons is attaining a dangerous direction in Balochistan and the silence of the international institutions and human rights organization is oxygenating the barbarism of the state of Pakistan.  If the international institutions and human rights organization won’t break their silence over the issue of the enforcedly disappeared persons and won’t take any measure for its solution, then human tragedy would generate in Balochistan.  

The spokesperson said that Pakistan has converted Balochistan into a no-go area by the use of its barbaric power and has completely banned the practice of politics. Leaders and activists of BSO Azad which believe in the peaceful and democratic means of struggle and other hundreds of political leaders and activists have been killed after facing inhuman torture in the secret torture cells of state and their bodies were disfigured and thrown in deserted areas. 

To highlight the issue of the enforced disappearance on local and international levels, all peaceful, legal and democratic means were used. For the recovery of the missing persons, protest camps were staged in Quetta, Karachi and Islamabad, long march was marched from Quetta to Islamabad, awareness has been shared through protest demonstrations and seminars, unto death hunger strike camp was staged against the enforced disappearance of Zahid Baloch, several institutions were provided the details of the issue of the enforced disappearance in Balochistan, but verbal attempts were made for the solution of this important human issue only.  

The spokesperson, in the end of the statement, termed the statement of the Chairman Missing Persons Commission Justice (r) Javed Iqbal shameful and rejected it, and said that Pakistani military institutions are responsible of the enforced disappearances in Balochistan and such statements are the dissemination of stance of the military institutions.

Literary and social services of Anwar Sahib Khan and Gous Bakhsh Bahar will always be remembered: BSO Azad

Literary and social services of Anwar Sahib Khan and Gous Bakhsh Bahar will always be remembered: BSO Azad

Baloch Students Organization Azad Central Spokesperson expressed deep sorrow and grief over the demise of the Baloch poet-litterateur-artist Anwar Sahib Khan and linguist-poet Gous Bakhsh Bahar, and said that by the demise of these personalities, Baloch people are deprived of such humanist, nationalist and knowledge lovers who have passed the bigger part of their life in the service of the literature and struggled for the revivalism of the Baloch society. Their literary and social services will always be remembered.

While paying tribute to late Anwar Sahib Khan and Gous Bakhsh Bahar, spokesperson said that Anwar Sahib Khan was a nationalist; the center of his poetry and art was Baloch people. He presented evils and oppression of the Baloch society by his talents of poetry and art in a very remarkable manner. Due to these services, the state also made him the subject of disappearance and torture, but he always continued his struggle to incense the Baloch society by his power of pen and knowledge.

The linguist- litterateur-poet Gous Bakhsh Bahar had the emotion of Baloch nationalism and motherland in his heart that he expressed by his poetry and writings. Late Gous Bakhsh wrote articles and dialogues for the progress and promotion of Balochi language. For the promotion of politics of nationalism, he also wrote political essays. Gous Bakhsh Bahar faced economic distress and jail for his literary services, but he faced all those hardships and continued paying his services.

In the end of the statement, Central Spokesperson termed the attempt of the Punjab police to term Baloch and Pushtun students as terrorist as a conspiracy to shut the doors to education for Baloch and Pushtun students, and spokesperson added that Baloch and Pushtun students should promote unity among them and continue their journey of gain of education and become each other’s support in time of hardships.